Monetize with YouAppi's App Recommendation DSP

Publishers and networks can maximize eCPM’s far beyond those generated using Real Time Bidding (RTB)

Using the youAPPi system, publishers of mobile Apps, gain a simple and reliable way to target their acquisition and retention resources for the highest valued and most loyal consumers.

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Our OneRun™ platform, robust API, and  SmartStore™, SmartApp™, and DirectRun™ products empower publishers and networks.


Powered by our proprietary matching algorithms, our recommendation engine analyzes 25 real-time data parameters – including your content, customer behavior and interests, and location – to provide the most relevant app recommendations to the right customers at the right time.


Drive Revenue

Immediately leverage the ongoing influx of app downloads to generate incremental revenue

Increase Monetization

Maximize eCPMs far beyond those generated using Real Time Bidding (RTB) and dynamically optimize inventory yield with our predictive algorithms that draw upon continuously updating data analysis

Improve Conversion

Engage the right customers at the right time, and drive return visits, with our app recommendation creative units tailored to preserve your app/site’s native look-and-feel and generate, on average, 10% conversion and 30% among returning customers

Optimize Content

Ensure that only the highest quality 3rd party content is displayed on your properties


Easy Integration

Effortlessly integrate our SDK-free javascript tag creative units, via any industry standard ad server, to run both in-app and mobile web campaigns

Real-Time Tracking

Monitor and analyze your customers’ behavior by tracking real time data with our business intelligence insights via a self-serve dashboard

API Access

Increase eCPMs and seamlessly monetize ad spend and inventory by directly accessing and integrating the functionality of YouAPPi with other applications.

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