Monetize with youAPPi’s App Recommendation DSP

Monetize Your Mobile Traffic With Apps

There’s no denying that the mobile app market is booming. Every day, thousands of mobile apps are being developed and every second hundreds of apps are being discovered and downloaded to mobile devices. This provides you, a mobile publishers, a unique opportunity to monetize your mobile content or mobile app through recommending related apps for your users to install on their devices.

You should think of youAPPi’s publisher program as an affiliate program for mobile apps, however, what we bring to the table is far more than your typical affiliate program.

The youAPPi publisher program helps you generate new revenue and get paid for each app installed (these are FREE apps) by your users. The neat thing about our publisher program is that our proprietary technology learns what type of content is consumed by your users and serves them mobile apps that are highly targeted and relevant, thus increasing your conversion rate and your revenue!

There are several reasons why publishers like you choose to work with youAPPi, here are just a few:

  • Only real-time app matching demand side platform (DSP) on the market
  • Increase user engagement
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Automated optimization
  • Increase in revenue

Our program is ideal for anyone who publishes content for mobile consumption and looking for ways to add non-intrusive, relevant advertising to their content or widgets, also known as native advertising.

If you’re interested in joining the fastest growing network of mobile publishers, while immediately adding an instant stream of revenue to your site, fill out the form below.

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