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Applying Intelligent Technology To Big Data

Are you wasting your time sorting through mountains of data trying to find and convert valuable customers to your app? Stop.

You’re creative. Smart. Good at what you do. That’s why we developed our machine learning OneRun platform that applies artificial intelligence to proprietary big data to help make your mobile ad dollars go further. Stop wasting your time and start focusing on what’s really important: the bigger picture.

This cohesive approach spans the entire mobile ecosystem and ultimately delivers the best marketing performance for advertisers.
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The Largest Brands Trust youappi

  • "We have been working with Youappi for almost one year. It is a reliable partner on business. High quality campaigns, great traffic performace with tailor made account management service. Looking forward to scaling up the cooperation in the future. "
    William Xu
    William Xu, VP of Business Affairs, 360 Mobile Security Ltd.
  • "As one of the Top partners for Baidu international monetiztion business, YouAppi has abundant high quality advertisers. They not only provides great fillrate for the ads inventory of Baidu' products , also a better performance on single ads. We are looking forward to our further cooperation."
    Felix Lee
    Felix Lee, Head of Baidu International Business Development
  • "Cooperation with Youappi enabled UCWeb to get high quality traffic all the time. Youappi proved itself to be a reliable partner by its professional promotion strategy and leading technique."
    Alan Chen
    Alan Chen, Key Account Manager UCWeb, Alibaba Mobile Business Group
  • kika
    "We are very happy to work with YouAppi. YouAppi Ad Platform leverages advanced data-service to increase mobile ad revenue. They provide high quality campaigns and professional service. YouAppi is really a reliable partner."
    Jack Wang
    Jack Wang, SR Business Director, Kika Tech
  • "We at Mobikwik are looking primarily at high quality transacting users and that's the path we're progressing towards this year. YouAppi has been able to deliver the same."
    Akash Gupta
    Akash Gupta, VP Marketing, MobiKwik
  • "When the first time Blanja app launched its app to Indonesian market, Youappi succeed to deliver the volume as we expect as well as maintaining to hit our KPI on purchase rate. Such a great journey working with Youappi and the team"
    Aditia Dermawan
    Aditia Dermawan, Head of Digital Marketing
  • "With too many mobile vendors still focused on generating installs, YouAppi delivers the revenue-generating users we want, per our KPIs, and within our specified budget."
    Pallav Singhvi
    Pallav Singhvi, Mobile business head - Cleartrip

Targeted Media

  • OneRun understands that Brianna is starting to plan a vacation to the Caribbean based on her browsing behavior and what other people in her cohort are doing.
  • Jack is ready to download the new game by King based on his gaming behavior and what other people in his cohort are doing.
  • Based on time spent in many shopping apps, OneRun can deliver just the right advertisement to Alex based on her shopping patterns.
  • Joseph's daily search patterns are consistent and based on what people in his cohort are doing, OneRun can identify just what News apps would be best for him.
  • Margaret is a voracious reader, based on her usage patterns and the books her cohort are downloading, OneRun can deliver her a Kindle ad just on the right site.
  • We can serve up the right media to her based on her patterns.
  • YouAppi can intelligently offer him the next available app on relevant sites he is visiting.
  • We understand just what she is looking for based on previous patterns.
  • YouAppi can predict just the right app and location to present the ad.
  • Our matching algorithms can find just the right ad and place it on just the right site.

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