We are a leading mobile marketing platform that helps premium brands
grow their mobile business.


YouAppi is the first mobile advertising company to bring the full-service
solution and insights to advertisers and publishers, by merging brand and
performance advertisement together.

Our platform combines the power of machine learning and artificial
intelligence to deliver a highly optimized user journey that begins with
awareness, propels toward purchase and continues to deliver via


  1. 1.We reach billions of eyes and connect your brand to the most engaged audiences across the worldYouAppi delivers unprecedented insights into the mobile user experience by analysing mobile content consumption patterns of over 2 billion users. We convert data into profitable customers, who will enjoy your app for months, not days.
  2. 2.At every stage of the consumer journey—we have you coveredYouAppi’s proprietary technology allows brands to make real-time adjustments and optimize marketing efforts in order to reach customers at any point in the funnel. With our powerful machine learning models we can optimize towards any post-install event according to your goals. We’ll also A/B test and optimize by creative or source.
  3. 3.We ensure your ad dollars are spent in the smartest way possibleYouAppi helps you maximise your ROI and acquire quality users with the highest LTV by running re-engagement campaigns along with UA efforts. Reach over 70% of your users and maximize the touch points with specific audiences using our extensive inventories (RTB, social and direct traffic). With granular segmentation and product feed retargeting we help you deliver personalized ads for every individual.
  4. 4.We take brand safety in the most serious wayWe have invested millions in proprietary fraud detection. Our six-step state-of-the-art fraud detection and protection system ensures click sources are real people, screens clicks for fraudulent mobile downloads and safeguards from traffic from questionable sources. We continuously monitor and test for malware apps, responsible for click injection and alert our data scientists to examine suspicious sources. YouAppi is also a TAG “Certified Against Fraud” member and works with a number of other fraud protection partners.
  1. 5.Open Measurement (OM) SDK integration allows YouAppi to be vendor agnostic for viewability and transparency YouAppi offers numerous benefits for publishers and brands with its lightweight SDK. Enjoy fully transparent hassle free experience without a need for multiple redundant integrations. Forget about third-party vendors or extra verifications for in-app viewability. By having our partners integrate the OM SDK, we are able to provide a level of transparency to marketers that is not offered by our competitors across the industry.
  1. 6.Don’t have an app? Run engaging brand awareness campaigns through mobile video ads!Reach and connect to the right audience segment through in-app video advertising and enjoy unparalleled performance with uniquely positioned mobile video ads. With YouAppi can be sure that your ad is engaging, viewable and can be measured through industry leading measurement tools such as IAS, Double Verify or MOAT through YouAppi’s OM SDK.
  2. 7.Run successful campaigns across any vertical with YouAppiWe have our SDK integrated with hundreds of apps with direct partnerships with thousands more that run the gamut of retail, finance, social, beauty, fashion, music, and of course, gaming apps.
  3. 8.YouAppi integration with Nielsen DMP and Liveramp can ingest any audienceThrough YouAppi’s integration with LiveRamp you can sync your own 1st party CRM data to our inventory for better segmentation and target the right audience with the right ad. Don’t have your own 1st party data? No problem! Thanks to YouAppi’s integration with Nielsen you can pick and target from a list of over 30,000 segments of users or utilize our own User Data Store, built from billions of impressions served through YouAppi SDK
  1. 9.Create powerful and enjoyable ad experiences with Creative Appi Studios Get noticed in the first second of your mobile message! Our in-house studio is capable of handling any design request to meet your creative needs. From inception to launch, we’ll help you design an ad campaign that will engage and delight your customers. In addition, YouAppi can partner with 3rd party creative development to run on our in-app platform.
  2. 10.The results our customers achieve speak for themselves We could say a lot more about ourselves, but our clients’ success stories are the best proof. We’re proud to be the trusted partners of hundreds of brands across the globe who achieve amazing growth with YouAppi.

The Largest Global Brands Trust YouAppi

The Largest Global
Brands Trust YouAppi


Ready to Take Your Business to The Next Level?
Let YouAppi Get You There!

Ready to Take Your Business to The Next Level?
Let YouAppi Get You There!