When It Comes To Monetization… User Experience Is Key!

customer satisfaction

If you want to make money, you have to make your users and potential users happy. You need to create a positive user experience in order to make your users happy. It’s as simple as that.

When you have poor user experience, your monetization efforts are severely hindered. If your site and app are hard to find or navigate through or if you pitch a product or affiliate offer that’s not in line with a user’s needs and interests, then there’s going to be less conversion from users. When your conversion rate is down, your incoming profit is also down.

To have that positive user experience like everyone wants, there are a handful of things to consider and make sure your site and app are being. People used to think usability was the only requirement, and while it’s still a requirement, your site and app need to be more than just usable. Peter Morville designed the user experience honeycomb diagram to illustrate the aspects of user experience. In this honeycomb the aspects he lists are: useful, usable, desirable, valuable, findable, accessible and credible. Two other things you should add to that are the speed it takes to access your site and to download your app, as well as your marketing strategy. All these things — not just a couple of them — must be taken into consideration when creating a product that’s going to produce a positive user experience.

At youAPPi, we’ve created a solution that meets these requirements and in turn increases your monetization efforts. Publishers benefit because this solution targets the direct interests of your consumers. Advertisers reap the benefits from this solution because they know app creating and ad copy geared toward users is critical and it also allows for the ability to mass distribute your mobile app.

When it comes down to it remember to think like the user, just like we do, when creating products. If you do that, then your efforts of designing and marketing your site and mobile app will be in line with what a user wants and needs. When users get what they want and need, they convert and you make good money.

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