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What’s Your In-App Advertising Strategy?

A great and fairly common way to monetize your mobile app is through in app advertising. This form of advertising is used with a lot of free apps. Since developers aren’t charging to download their app, they receive money by serving up related apps for users to download while using their app. Every time a user downloads the suggested app, the developer gets money from it.

To get the most out of in app advertising, you need to focus on the type of ad, as well as the timing and placement of it.

Some advertisers turn to banner ads, but those only get about 1 click in every 1000 impressions. Others try and bribe their users with points or more lives in their game if they sit through a quick video ad.

While these ways are somewhat successful, native advertising is a better route to take with in app advertising, and it’s becoming all the rage lately.

Native advertising isn’t intrusive like banner ads or other types of advertising. This form of advertising is where the ads match the content or the visual design it’s being shown with. Because native ads look and feel like natural content, users are more accepting of them. Here’s an example of native ads on Amazon.

amazon native ads

Consumers look at native ads 53 percent more frequently than they do banner ads, and they check native ads an average of 4.1 times per session compared to 2.7 times for banner ads. Because native ads blend in with the content and place emphasis on being just as good as the content they’re seen with, this type of advertising is becoming more popular and more widely used than other types.

Using companies like youAPPi that specialize in delivering native ads to consumers, you will better appeal to your app users, your ROI will increase and your brand will benefit.