[Webinar Recap] In-App Monetization Best Practices

On Wednesday, I kicked off our new webinar series with a topic on in-app monetization best practices. We were lucky enough to be joined by Jon Nolz from StormX. The webinar was a great way to aggregate a lot of best practices for monetization methods across a few different ad formats, while also diving into how you can reward users for performing microtasks with cryptocurrency.

We discussed the advantages of using advertising as a monetization method instead of solely having in-app purchases. In some verticals like gaming, the growth of in-app purchases are slowing, while we are seeing a massive increase in mobile programmatic display spending.



The growth in spending is especially focused within mobile video ad formats, which are becoming increasingly popular with brands because of their ability to facilitate their messaging better than banners and static ads. Awareness campaigns are becoming increasingly popular on a CPM/CPCV (cost per completed view) basis thanks to the high completion rate video ad formats drive. Rewarded videos, being one of the most popular mobile video ad formats in the industry, drives great engagement because of the value exchange between the user and the app developer. The user typically has to watch 100% of a video to earn a reward or gift they were initially incentivized by to view the ad.

There are many ways users can be rewarded across different app verticals, and one of the most currently relevant methods offered in the mobile space is through the Storm Market, which pays users with cryptocurrencies or Storm Tokens. The Storm Market creates more earning opportunities for people all around the world by utilizing technology. StormX makes it easier for members of the market to find new ways to earn, engage, and advance with a gamified micro-task platform. Check them out today and ask for Jon.

Once the monetization method is designed into your app experience, then next steps are to continually test and improve your users retention and engagement with the ads being served in-app. I have previously written about a few publishers best practices, and you can find them here. Hope you enjoyed the webinar, which you can find in its entirety here. See you at our next episode!

*View webinar recording: here

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