YouAppi in Greece: A Fantastic Journey We Never Forget

At the late days of May of 2017, all of 120 YouAppiers went to the island Crete, Greece. We spent five fabulous days there and this is a journey we would never forget.

Crete island is the largest and most populous of the greek islands.Also, this island is a significant part of the economy and cultural heritage of Greece. It has the earliest record of the Civilization in Europe.

The night scene of Crete island is so beautiful.

So is the sea water.

We lived in a hotel which owns private beach for guests to enjoy the sunshine.

Employees from 12 different countries came together, through YouAppi’s cocktail party, get-together lunch and also beach party and many activities, we got to know each other and became a big family.

Besides the play part, we also have all-hands meeting and many different kinds of business sessions, so as to make our services more consistent and professional from global level.

Everyone listens the lecture so carefully.

At the end of this trip, YouAppi CEO Moshe Vaknin said “We would do this trip again next year.”

Here is the question, Which country do you expect? :)