Top 10 Reasons to Use Deep Linking

YouAppiThe benefits of linking to a specific page rather than a homepage are long established in desktop websites, but with dedicated apps outpacing browser use as the preferred option of mobile users, deep mobile linking can be just as rewarding.

1. Relevance

While your app may cover a broad topic, you’re targeting promotion at people interested in a narrow subject. Deep linking will show right away that they’ve come to the right place.

2. Products

If a link comes from a web page promoting a particular product, there’s no point having a customer wade through your entire catalog. Point them straight to the right product instead.

3. Close the Sale

A deep link can take a customer directly to an app’s payment page to capitalize on impulse purchases rather than risking a customer getting distracted by other content within the app.

4. Navigation

‘Because mobile website navigation is a greater challenge smaller screens and fat fingers. A PC or Mac user delivered to a homepage will be more willing to click on a navigation tree or use a search tool to find a specific page than someone on a tablet or phone.

5. User Experience

Mobile users don’t necessarily care about the technical differences between a desktop website, a mobile-optimized site and a dedicated app. They just want a smooth experience, and deep linking helps that process.

6. Partnerships

Deep linking can make it much easier to run promotional partnerships. For example, a hotel will want to deep link to its own review page in a travel app instead of directing people to the app itself — where they might end up choosing a different hotel!

7. Search Engines

The major search engines already index the content of apps as well as websites. Allowing deep linking means you can benefit from the increased relevance of specific app pages for specific searches.

8. Advertising

Major advertising platforms like Google AdWords support mobile deep linking, making it much more viable to experiment with a range of ads dealing with specific keywords.

9. Keeping Up

Don’t be tempted to think deep linking is a gimmick. One company offering deep link services lists mainstream brands like Urban Outfitters, Shazam among its clients.

10. Getting Ahead

Though deep linking is a little more complex and less standardized on mobile apps than websites, that may be to your advantage. If you’re willing to put in a little extra work — or use a service that makes things easier — you can get a jump on rivals who mistakenly conclude deep mobile linking isn’t worth the effort.