Five Apps for Developers on the Go


Five Work-Hacking Apps so You Can Live Your Life

It takes massive amounts of time and expertise to develop code that catapults a product to the next level. In this digital age, a developer’s life can be 24/7 without a single minute wasted. But developers have lives, and cool ones at that! That’s why we’ve curated some of the best apps for developers on the go. Streamline and mobilize your life so you can live life untethered.

DrawExpress Diagram


This fast gesture-recognition diagram application is as easy and more convenient than a pen and paper. With DrawExpress, you can draw diagrams and flowcharts in a simple and intuitive way. Empowering you to keep your ideas organized and user flows on point.

iOS and Android


Evernote-on-AndroidAn oldie, but still a goodie, this well-known note taking app is perfect for developers on the go. It’s available on mobile and desktop, helping you access your notes everywhere you go. Create online notebooks organized by your needs and share them with everyone on your team.

iOS and Android

Stack Exchange

stack-exchangeStack Exchange hosts a vast network of question-and-answer websites spanning a wide range of subjects with Stack Overflow as the flagship site. Stack Overflow is of course, a developer’s best friend, literally. As the largest online community for programmers to learn, share their knowledge, and advance their careers, one is sure to find a bestie. As a mobile app, developers can ask questions and receive answers anytime.
iOS and Android

Team Viewer: Remote Control


Clients and colleagues may need a developer’s assistance at any time. With Team Viewer’s Remote Control, developers can have fast and secure access to almost any desktop. Equipping developers with the ability to control computers remotely, share files, and support clients or colleagues from anywhere they want.

iOS and Android

Tunnel Bear

tunnel-bearWith insecure networks and the threat of hackers, privacy is a common concern for developers. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be a great solution and Tunnel Bear is one of the best out there. Whether you’re trying to circumvent location blocks or protect sensitive information on a public wifi, Tunnel Bear is a straightforward and reliable solution.

iOS and Android