12 Apps To Help You Keep Calm And Carry On For The Holidays

From last-minute gift buying to making travel a little less painful, these 12 apps for the holidays will help you stay sane during the most wonderful time of year.


It’s that time of year again — bring out the pumpkin spice and the list of the naughty and nice because we’ve got 12 sweet apps that will make your holiday season more fun and fetch.

Soon enough, you’ll be sipping eggnog (pumpkin spice flavored, of course) fireside with your pet in your matching holiday PJ’s, without a care in the world.

1. LetGo

Let’s just state the obvious– GIFTS. ARE. EXPENSIVE. Especially when you’re trying to be the cool relative that gifts all the latest gadgets. Letgo, the app that lets you buy and sell quickly and locally in the US will help you snag those items for cheaper AND you can sell last year’s gifts that you’ve barely used (cha-ching!).

2. Poshmark

Holidays, the season to show the special people in our lives some love, but also the perfect time to get your closet’s inventory out the door and into a new loving home. Poshmark is like visiting a real, high-end boutique on your phone; so go ahead buy that fancy watch for that special someone– we won’t tell them you how much you really got it for.

3. TubiTV

Imagine this: You’ve decided to carpool with your parents to the family party that’s three hours away, they’re blasting holiday music, and for every year they get older they drive about 1 mph slower than the speed limit. Don’t worry– TubiTV will make that ride feel like it went by faster than Anthony Scaramucci’s time in the White House. Watch free TV and movies on the app, accessible from anywhere and always on. Yes, they really mean free.

4. iHeartRadio

Imagine this: You’ve decided to carpool with your adult children to the family party that’s three hours away and they’re complaining about your slow driving. Slow and steady wins the race, Bobby! Don’t worry– the iHeartRadio app will drown out the sound of your kids’ voices with all the holiday music your heart desires.

5. HomeAdvisor

So, you decided to throw this year’s festivities at your place and you forgot that the guest bathroom hasn’t been operable since 2015. HomeAdvisor will match you with the top-rated plumbers, remodelers, and contractors to get your place in tip-top shape before your friends and family trickle in and spill mulled wine all over that carpet you just had replaced.

6. Audible

It’s been an insane year and we’re all tired of hearing about it, but one way to pass the time and avoid any discussion of politics while at family gatherings is to download Audible. Listen anytime, anywhere to an unmatched selection of audiobooks and original premium podcasts. Goodbye, O’Reilly. Hello, Oprah.

7. Gilt

We all have that ONE person that already has everything. So what do you get them? Experiences. While Gilt provides instant access to top designer labels, at up to 70% off retail they also offer deals on activities and events–from wine tours, spa treatments, to cooking classes–that will delight even the most bourgeois friend in your inner circle.

8. SkyScanner

Half the battle of the holidays is getting to wherever you need to go without having to dip into the beer fund. Compare cheap flights, hotels, and rental cars so you can spend those extra bucks on more bourbon for that eggnog. You might need it.

9. eBates

If you’re going to shop online this holiday season be smart, save money. Find coupons and earn cash back with this free shopping assistant. It’s 2017, only dotards pay full price.

10. Wag

Don’t forget the most important member of your family– your dog. With ugly sweater parties, Friendsgiving, and SantaCon your social calendar is going to fill up fast! Don’t leave your pup out in the cold– no really, don’t do that– find an on-demand dog-walker or dog-sitter near you with Wag.

11. Saucey 

The solution to all your last minute gifts (read: procrastinator). In 30 minutes they’ll deliver champagne that’s colder than your Aunt Becky’s heart. Now pass the bubbles, because it’s about to get ice cold….baby…

12. Tasty

Need potluck ideas? Read no more. No, really, no reading needed– food video recipes for you to whip up and impress your date at the holiday party…or your mom–unless your date is your mom, then that’d be weird.

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