The Art of Purchasing App Installs

facebook appsIf you’re a savvy web driven company, chances are, you have a mobile application. If you have a mobile app, you understand that unless your app is being installed and used, it’s really doing you no good at all. The problem is, most companies don’t know where to start when it comes to promoting their app and generating new installs. In today’s post, we are going to talk about “the art of purchasing app installs” and three specific services you can use to help you accelerate the usage of your app.

For those new to purchasing app installs, there are different ways and companies out there that help you get started. Three companies that you can leverage right now to grow your app installs are, yours truly… youAPPi, Facebook Mobile App Ads for Installs, and Wibiya.

At youAPPi, we use our numerous resources to ensure your mobile app is promoted across our vast network of publishers and help increase its downloads. We absolutely hate banners and text advertisements and prefer native ads in their place. We love mobile apps, and we use our native advertising strategies to help good apps succeed and reach the audience they merit. Our targeting algorithms match your mobile app with the most relevant and valuable users, which gives you a better chance in a shorter amount of time of getting THE BEST installs.

Facebook, the site that has around 1.19 billion monthly active users and 874 million monthly active mobile users, has another way for you to get your app installed. This social networking site offers Mobile App Ads for Installs, which allows you to reach millions of people at a place where they’re highly engaged — their Facebook newsfeed — and do so easily. Facebook puts “Suggested Apps” in a user’s newsfeed, but they do so in a native advertising way so it looks fluid with the rest of the content. A developer receives installs with just a click to the App Store or Google Play from a user. It’s an easy process for you and the user.

A third way that’s good for purchasing app installs is with Wibiya. This site allows you to give a personable and actionable message to your visitors. Wibiya knows when users arrive on your site from their mobile device and differentiates between what mobile device they’re on, and then it prompts them to download your app through a customizable, simple-to-use splash screen. Within three easy steps, each of your site visitors, who are on a targeted device, see a custom app promotion that encourages them to download your mobile app.

By using each service in conjunction with each other, you can definitely create and execute a powerful user acquisition strategy and grow your app installs far beyond anything you’d imagined.

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