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Private Marketplace Deals Boost Mobile ROI

Buying ad space can be complicated. Often, you are forced to buy in packages that include placements that may not offer much ROI. To get premium placements, you might need to buy sub-par options as part of the deal. This lack of control and challenging tracking for ROI has driven many brands to pursue Private Marketplace (PMP) ad spend as an alternative. Monetized PMP volume rose 85 percent in the last quarter of 2017 for mobile apps and 50 percent for mobile web, according to PubMatic. In fact, nearly 75 percent of digital display spending is funneled through private marketplaces.

What is a PMP?

A PMP works a lot like any media buying marketplace, except that it is invitation-only and lets publishers sell specific inventory instead of bulk packages. Essentially, publishers offer media space that is most likely to boost sales to a specific group. It is different from direct-buy methods because it is less labor intensive for both parties and includes a programmatic element, fixed pricing and inventory guarantees. You get the best of both worlds. Not only do you enjoy the more direct relationship between publisher and brand, but you also get access to higher quality space inventory and more transparency. Add in the automated workflow and optimization options and you have a media buying option that can dramatically improve ROI, particularly for mobile ads.

Win/Win PMP Deals

Both media buyers and sellers benefit from PMP-style deals. Buyers have access to the best inventory and can scale up their purchasing seamlessly. By knowing exactly when and where their ads will feature, they can protect brand integrity and preserve their reputation. After all, no kid-friendly product would want to pair their advertising with material designed for mature audiences. Transparency and fixed pricing means that brands know what they’re getting and how much it will cost, making ad spend predictable and valuable.

Publishers have an equivalent set of benefits. Better ad quality means less pushback from users, which is particularly important in the mobile space. Since most ads are clickable links, it is important for ads and apps to align to prevent mishaps. The same reputation issues that affect buyers also affect publishers. Better and more targeted ads mean higher eCPMs, which ultimately means a publisher can command higher rates for their inventory. Guaranteed ad spend means better cash flow and more predictable income streams.

Driving Away from Direct Sales

Direct sales have one major benefit for publishers–relationship building and buyer insights. With a direct buy, publishers can see their customer’s success and work with them to generate even higher numbers. PMP offers the same benefits, but in an auction setting. Essentially, a publisher can see into market performance and still benefit from competition for their most competitive slots. By narrowing the market, they can even turn secondary slots into top sellers by finding the right brands for those spaces.

Publishers want brand campaigns to be successful, and with PMP deals, they can help drive that success. By building a relationship with buyers through a PMP, the publisher can offer realistic numbers about a campaign and guidance on how to maximize value.

PMP and Mobile Create Ad Synergy

We see a lot of progress in combining PMP deals with mobile campaigns. Programmatic advertising allows you to reach out to the right customer at the right time, and when paired with the right partner, you can see a big bump in your conversion rates. By finding comparable apps to use as advertising partners, PMP can be a breakthrough strategy for any mobile brand.

YouAppi’s Private Marketplace in the 360 Platform

YouAppi offers an invite-only, programmatic PMP that provides exclusive access to guaranteed, high-quality ad inventory, fixed pricing, and a less labor-intensive process. The YouAppi PMP delivers a transparent buying experience for brand and publisher alike, ensuring complete ad integrity through a clear understanding of where ads will publish and when.  

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