Let Us Handle Your Social Media Needs

Using social media for business requires thoughtful planning and expertise with each separate platform, which is why you should let our experts handle this time consuming effort for you.

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YouAppi Studios

YouAppi has a highly experienced team of designers, specializing in mobile social ads. By combining each ad platform’s offerings and our creative team’s expertise, we can provide you with better results and high-level social campaign viewability.

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Your One Stop Shop

YouAppi provides full social media coverage across the world for your campaigns with all major social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest.

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Why YouAppi?

YouAppi owns massive amounts of audience data that is leveraged to create lookalike and custom audiences enabling the acquisition the most valuable users at the lowest price possible.

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YouAppi Studios

By combining the innovation of the ads and the YouAppi creative team’s experience, we can provide our clients better results and high level campaign viewability.

Highly Experienced Media Team. We can execute… We can deliver!

YouAppi has over four years of experience in running social campaigns for global brands using its industry-leading 360 platform.

Time and Energy Savings

Each social platform have developed into mature products requiring expertise to run successful campaigns. Let our experts handle the time consuming responsibility of running social ads.

Comfortable Payment Terms

YouAppi can set better payment terms for its clients than working directly with the social networks.

Global Coverage

YouAppi provides you with the ability to access a variety of social media platforms and provides full social media coverage for your campaigns.