Appi Studios
Imagination to Reality

The creative driving force behind your successful campaigns

Full Service Studio

Appi Studios is capable of handling any need related
to YouAppi products. Let our experts be the creative
driving force behind your successful campaigns


Let us design your campaigns from inception to launch

Editing and Adjustments

Any element of your existing ads that need editing or adjustments such as duration, dimensions, ratio, size, weight, and PSD layering.

Original Ads

Original concepts created for video and display ads by designers based on extensive experience with top performing campaigns and hundreds of hours of competitive research.


Localization for any geo using regional trends to fit the audience and drive optimal results.

Playable and Interactive Ads

Designed playable ads for a higher quality user acquisition by enabling a real experience for the user before downloading. Increase brand awareness using interactive ads allowing for users to engage with new products or app features through the creative.

Audio Voiceover

Edited and recorded audio scripts highlighting top features of your app increasing user attention and encouraging to take action.

Real actors promoting the product

Footage of real people introducing/reviewing the app or the brand and recommending to inspire identification.


Professional content writing for all ad types to drive maximized user attention leading to action.

Playable examples