Top Five Ways To Make Your Site Mobile In Less Than 10 Minutes

mobile sitesWhatever your reason for utilizing a website, a crucial component in ensuring it’s successful, both from an engagement perspective and a monetization perspective, is having a solution that makes it easy to access and use for your mobile visitors. More and more people access sites from their mobile device, so it’s in your best interest to appeal to those viewers.Here are the top five ways to make your site mobile:The first way is building a responsive website. Instead of creating two separate sites, create one site that renders correctly on computers and mobile devices. Several sites can be easily transitioned to the Genesis platform, which is extremely responsive, and be mobile within minutes. A responsive website is not only a smart option, it’s also a fairly cheap one. Your money is invested into one site rather than spread out between two, which can be expensive and annoying to deal with.The second way is installing WPtouch Pro 3. This plugin from BraveNewCode works for WordPress sites. It uses your content on your URL from your server. It doesn’t modify any code, so it doesn’t mess up your regular desktop theme, and there aren’t changes to the core settings, meaning you just have to tweak the settings to your liking to make it as advanced or simple as you want. WPtouch Pro 3 ships with four different themes for you to choose from and customize as you wish. Setup for your website becoming a web-app is easy, but it currently only works for iOS devices.The price of this plugin varies depending on the license you choose: single for $49, business for $99, agency for $199 or enterprise for $349.The third way is using bMobilized. This company optimizes your mobile site by offering more than 30 plugins. Some of those features include social bars, video plugins, mobile search and their simple to use plugins, such as “click-to-call” or “click-to-email”. With bMobilized, you also have the freedom to design your mobile site with their online tools, measure mobile interactions in real time and integrate with well-known brands like Google AdSense.You have the option to do it yourself or let bMobilized employees build a site for you. The DIY option is $15.20/month (annual) or $19 month-to-month, while having them do it is a $399 one time fee plus $15.20/month.The fourth way is going with Dudamobile. This platform works well with WordPress and Blogger, lets you carry out your SEO from within and allows you to preview your design as it would appear on iOS, Android and Blackberry devices before going live. It also keeps your mobile and desktop sites in sync. But while changes made to your desktop site are pushed to your mobile one, it doesn’t work the other way around. When it comes to the design, you have numerous options to edit it to your liking, and you can also edit text on each of your pages, as well as add or remove pages as you please.Dudamobile offers two plans. The basic plan that’s geared more toward personal websites is free. The premium plan, which is best for businesses and professionals, is $7.20/month for an annual subscription or $9 for month-to-month.The fifth way is choosing Conduit Mobile. Mobile devices supported by HTML5 work with this service. Whether you have a blog or a business website, Conduit Mobile has features specific to your need. They offer add-ons to help promote your business, like push notifications, user reviews and catalog displays, as well as management tools, like advanced analytics and user reports, that are great for anyone with a site. To convert your site into a mobile-friendly one, simply copy an automatically generated code to your regular website or blog.Conduit Mobile’s basic plan — that only allows for up to five app users and 50 mobile site visits a month — is free. Their gold and platinum plans allow for unlimited users and visits. The gold plan is $39/month, while the platinum plan is $99/month.So whether you’re a business owner or an avid blogger, making your website easily accessible to your mobile viewers is a must. Select any of these five options and have your mobile site up and running within a matter of minutes.