Top Five Google Adsense Alternatives

google adsense alternatives

Many bloggers and website owners are always looking for new and improved ways to monetize their content. For many, Google Adsense has been their go to revenue source, however, over the last few years, Google has become more aggressive in lowering payouts per click for their publishers as well as banning accounts that don’t perform to a certain level. This has left many content creators scrambling to find alternatives to help replace their hard earned revenue.In today’s post, we want to talk about the five best Google Adsense Alternatives that you can leverage to monetize your mobile content.


Kontera is an in-text ad network that transforms specific words within a post into relevant ads. The publisher is then paid on a per click basis, often times higher than the payout you’ll receive from Google Adsense. You can learn more about Kontera here.


BuySellAds is an ad network where a content publisher can sign up to display traditional banner or block ads on their blog. Unlike Adsense, you are paid on a per impression basis, meaning each time your page is viewed, you get paid a very small amount. No click required to generate revenue. These types of programs work best for sites that receive hundreds of thousands of impressions on a monthly basis. To learn more about BuySellAds, click here.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction, also known as CJ is the powerhouse of affiliate networks. Cj is a network of advertisers connecting with publishers in relevant niches and pay them for leads or call generated for their business. Although nothing like Google Adsense, it is a viable alternative and often times will double or triple revenue for a publisher. To find out more about Commission Junction, click here.


I know, this is a bit of a shameless plug, but hey, it’s our blog 🙂 youAPPi is a fantastic alternative to Adsense and in most cases, helps publishers generate far more revenue on a monthly basis. By engaging with youAPPi and leveraging our app recommendation platform with your content, you will not only generate more revenue (you get paid for each download), but you will increase engagement with your readers and keep them coming back for more. To learn more about youAPPi and how you can get started with our app recommendation platform, click here.


Outbrain is very similar to youAPPi, except they serve up recommended content (not apps) on the publishers current site as well as other high quality, extremely targeted websites throughout the internet. When someone clicks on a relevant external post, you get paid. Just like youAPPi, Outbrain not only helps with generating revenue, but helps improve reader engagement. To learn more about Outbrain, click here.We’d love to hear if you’ve had good or bad experiences with any of the above mentioned alternatives to Google Adsense. We’d also love to hear if there are any others you’ve tried out and are working well. Please continue in the discussion about the best Adsense alternatives in the comments section below.