Top 10 WordPress Plugins For Mobile Publishers & Affiliates


If you are an affiliate or publisher who runs your site on WordPress and attracts a fair amount of traffic from mobile devices, I think you will really like today’s post. Today, we are going to talk about the top ten plugins that you should be running to make your site a mobile monetization machine!So without further ado, let’s jump in to our list:WP Mobile Detector – WP Mobile Detector is a fantastic plugin that automatically detects if your visitors are using a standard  mobile phone, smart phone, tablet, etc and then  displays a compatible mobile theme to provide the best user experience.WP – WP is a plugin that helps optimize your site’s images for faster loading. Research has shown that poor site load time on a mobile device is the leading indicator of high bounce rate and low engagement rate.WP Super Cache – This is one of the best WordPress plugins you can add to your site for two reasons.  First, it makes your pages load way faster… See above 🙂  Second, since it stores static versions of your site, it requires much less CPU processing than using WordPress all by itself which is extremely important if you are a mobile publisher.WordPress SEO by Yoast – This is by far the best SEO plugin developed for WordPress. Yoast build the plugin in a way that it provides an incredibly in-depth analysis of each page/post as you are creating it directly on the editor page. It provides tips, shows keyword stats, and much more. If you want more traffic coming to your website from the search engines, you need this plugin!Digg Digg – This WordPress plugin is what we use to power the floating social icons to the left of each post (look to your left :)). The reason this  is such a fantastic plugin is because it makes your content super sharable which will bring more traffic to your site and bolster your site’s authority in the search engines.WordPress Editorial Calendar – This plugin provides an easy to use editorial calendar of your posts both past and present. You can drag and drop posts from one date to another, edit them and much more all from within the interface. This is extremely important because publishing great content on a regular basis is critical to growing your readership and monetizing your content.Alligator Popup -Let me preface this by saying I hate popups as much as the next guy, but if you want to use popups to collect your users contact information and build a list to email, you aren’t going to find a better and more easier solution than the alligator popup plugin.Redirection – Redirection is a simple plugin to assist in redirecting retired content to new content found on your site. Smart marketers and website owners know that driving traffic to dead pages is bad for user experience and redirection has made it easy to add redirects without knowing how to edit an .htaccess file.SmartAPP – Our smartAPP plugin makes it extremely easy to monetize your mobile content by recommending related apps for your users and readers to download. Our plugin helps improve engagement and allows you to earn money for each install that comes from your content.ThirstyAffiliates – ThirstyAffiliates is an affiliate link management plugin that allows you to add and manage your affiliate links from one, central location. It includes a built in URL shortenter, allows you to automatically replace keywords within posts and pages with your affiliate links and their reporting functionality is second to none!By installing and leveraging each of these plugins powerful capabilities, your blog will generate more traffic and help you generate additional revenue. Good luck!