Five Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Is A Lucrative Way To Monetize A Website

affiliate marketingThere are probably hundreds of reasons why website owners and bloggers decide to go down the affiliate route to monetize their web properties and unfortunately, we will never know most of those reasons. Having spent many years in the affiliate space and having many friends and family members still in the space, we’ve put together the five most common reasons why people get into affiliate marketing and will outline each of them in our post today.

Products Already Exist

The first reasons why publishers choose affiliate marketing as a way to monetize their web properties is because there are already countless products on the market that they can start offering to their visitors. They don’t have to put in countless hours to come up with the product, manufacture it, and then sell it. It is as simple as signing up for a few of the top affiliate networks and finding the right products to sell based on your audience’s needs.

Don’t Have To Carry An Inventory

The second reason and closely related to the first, is that as an online affiliate marketer, you don’t have to carry an inventory. There’s no floating several thousand dollars on your American Express to purchase and store the product that you want to sell. That’s someone else’s problem, which makes it far more easier to sleep at night 🙂

No Extra Website Costs

The third reason publishers engage in affiliate marketing is the cost of maintaing a full fledged ecommerce site versus a simple site running on the WordPress platform. If you run an ecommerce site, you not only have to pay for the domain and hosting, but SSL certificates, merchant services, and payment gateways. Although not a HUGE expense, it does add up from month to month and cuts into your margins.

No Customer Service

The fourth reason, closely related to the first and second is that if you don’t provide the product, you aren’t responsible for providing support or customer service. Not only is providing customer service timely and sometimes unpleasant, it is a massive expense that you can avoid.

Ability To Quickly Pivot

The fifth and last reason publishers engage in affiliate marketing is because you can quickly pivot if circumstances change. If the company supplying your products goes out of business, or changes its payout scale, you can quickly find another who offers a similar product and not skip a beat. You could also add additional products depending on the needs of your customers. If you are carrying an inventory and it goes out of style or is not as high quality as you were led to believe, pivoting isn’t impossible, but is often times costly.So why are you an affiliate (traditional affiliate or mobile affiliate)? Or a blogger who monetizes with ads? Or a mobile content publisher who monetizes via our app recommendation program? Why is that the route you chose to go? Please feel free to share in the comments below!Image Source: