zvelo Partners With YouAppi To Prevent Fraudulent Bot Traffic

YouAppi’s commitment to quality and fraud prevention ensures marketers only pay for high-quality, human engagement

SAN FRANCISCO — March 11, 2019— YouAppi, a leading growth marketing platform for premium mobile brands, today announced a partnership with zvelo to drive maximum ROI for marketers while ensuring they only pay for high-quality, real users. zvelo provides a suite of ad fraud offerings that allows advertisers, publishers and platforms to reduce fraudulent spending on bot traffic and prevent ad fraud. YouAppi will leverage zvelo’s solution to ensure every impression, click and install delivered to its end customers is free from any blacklisted IP addresses identified from various sources, including web crawlers, known data centers, malicious bots, etc.

Ad fraud is on the rise and expected to cost in excess of $50 billion by 2025 as it plagues marketing and advertising budgets. Fraudsters continue to grow in sophistication and work tirelessly to come up with new tactics, and brands feel the pinch of fraudulent activity to their bottom lines. Mobile ad fraud is among the hardest hit, doubling year-over-year during the first quarter of 2018, while almost one-quarter of video ad impressions were a result of bot fraud.

“There is no question that ad fraud continues to be an industry-wide scourge, which is why YouAppi is dedicated to leading the market in fraud protection. We are pleased to partner with zvelo, a company that shares our same commitment to quality, accuracy and transparency,” said Moshe Vaknin, CEO of YouAppi. “Our comprehensive platform is designed to combat fraud at every touch point, and this latest partnership with zvelo allows us to further protect our global brands while delivering high-quality engagement.”

The YouAppi 360 Platform addresses the critical needs of today’s marketers across the entire funnel – everything from user acquisition to brand and rewarded video, re-engagement, social and design. YouAppi works with nearly 500 of the world’s top brands, and its programmatic solution allows brands access to highly targeted audiences. The company’s comprehensive video offering includes connected TV, playable and native video ads, and an exclusive Private Marketplace (PMP).

zvelo provides the most advanced categorization and malicious detection of web content, traffic and connected devices available on the market. The zvelo solution examines over 60 different traffic and page-level signals, with data that is updated continuously based on trillions of monthly impressions and transactions, to ensure fraudulent traffic is stopped at its source.

“Ad fraud continues to grow, damaging mobile and video campaigns while stealing billions of dollars from advertisers every year. The best way to protect ad budgets and maximize ROI is to identify and prevent fraudulent traffic at the source,” said Jeff Finn, CEO of zvelo. “A key component of our Ad Fraud Prevention solution is the Invalid Traffic (IVT) dataset, which provides a comprehensive feed of IPs that have been verified as generating fraudulent bot traffic from web crawlers, known data center traffic, and fake or malicious bots. YouAppi’s integration of the IVT feed illustrates their commitment to preventing fraud and protecting every cent their customers spend on user acquisition, re-engagement, monetization, and other efforts.”

About zvelo
As a leading provider of content categorization and malicious detection data services for web pages, web traffic, and connected devices, zvelo is the trusted partner for the market’s preeminent network security, subscriber analytics, and ad tech companies. zvelo solves a diverse range of business needs including providing the foundational datasets for web filtering, parental controls, malicious detection, phishing detection, brand safety, ad fraud prevention, contextual targeting, subscriber analytics, and more.

zvelo, headquartered just outside of Denver, is committed to providing the market’s highest quality data products with unmatched partner support and responsiveness. For more information, visit https://zvelo.com.

To receive more information about this topic, or schedule an interview, email: pr@zvelo.com.

About YouAppi
YouAppi’s 360 Platform is the leading growth marketing platform for premium mobile brands. By combining the power of machine learning with YouAppi’s proprietary predictive algorithms and cohort technology, YouAppi can analyze the mobile content consumption patterns of over two billion users, converting data into profitable users.

Headquartered in San Francisco, YouAppi operates across fifteen countries in Asia, Europe and North America. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, or for more information, visit www.youappi.com.

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