YouAppi Secures $1 Million and Launches Cross-Platform App Recommendation and Distribution for Publishers on Mobile, Tablets and Online, Enabling Relevant App Discovery

In a test of the company’s technology, 30% of the users presented with a matched app based on youAPPi’s proprietary matching technology installed that app Tel Aviv, Israel – July 3, 2012, With 1000 new apps uploaded daily to the various app stores, how can users find apps which will be relevant and interesting to them?To address this challenge while offering publishers a new revenue stream, youAPPi ( is announcing the launch of its cross-platform app recommendation and distribution solution live on Tappible and the company’s $1 million Seed round of funding.youAPPi’s patent-pending smartAPP™ technology is the first solution to address the needs of all the three stakeholders in the app ecosystem – users, publishers and app developers. youAPPi is a truly cross-platform solution, supporting iOs, Android and Windows mobile operating systems and all web-enabled devices including phones, tablets, computers and TVs.For users, youAPPi’s technology analyzes the content they’re presently engaged with, the apps they have previously downloaded and their preferences in order to match their interests with the apps they’re most likely to want.For publishers, youAPPi provides an advanced platform which enables generating new revenue by delivering highly targeted apps that are matched and relevant to their users’ behavior and content. As a cross-platform solution, publishers can use youAPPi on their mobile, tablet or web-based offerings.App developers – which include publishers, marketers and other content providers – benefit from youAPPi’s app recommendation and distribution solution with its low cost-per-acquisition rate.youAPPi’s application recommendation and distribution platform is launching on Tappible’s monetization and engagement platform for mobile applications.“youAPPi is solving a real problem in the app ecosystem today – finding relevant applications at the right time and location,” said Eli Mandelbaum, CEO & Founder, Tappible.“From our experience with youAPPi, it’s clear to me that the company’s smartAPP technology solves the application discovery challenges for all – users gain an effective app discovery solution, publishers profit from a new and real revenue stream and app developers benefit from a cost-effective distribution channel,” added Mandelbaum. “Right now, there is no easy and effective solution for app developers to promote their apps and gain loyal users,” said Moshe Vaknin, CEO & co-founder, youAPPi. “Based on feedback from partners and our own internal test, we believe that youAPPi solves the app distribution challenges for all players in the app ecosystem – users, publishers and app developers.” “To prove the effectiveness of our smartAPP matching technology, we uploaded a recommendation app to the iTunes store. Among the 12,100 users who downloaded this app, 3,630 users – 30%– downloaded a recommended app based on our technology; a very high conversion rate,” added Moshe. With the launch of youAPPi’s application recommendation and distribution platform, the company is announcing a $1 million Seed round from private investors.