YouAppi Closes $3 Million A Round by Going Beyond App Installs with the First Mobile Customer Acquisition Technology Solution Focused on Post Conversion Performance

Based on proprietary matching algorithms and the usage habits of 200 million mobile users, YouAppi drives the acquisition of the most engaged mobile customers, not just installs YouAppi’s new service delivers higher Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) and the ability to scale customer acquisition with greater insight and control over revenueNew York, NY – October 22, 2014 – YouAppi, a pioneer in data-driven mobile customer acquisition, today announced that is has raised a $3 million Series A funding round led by Glilot Capital Partners, 2B Angels and Flint Capital. The company also announced the first ever mobile customer acquisition solution that delivers guaranteed higher customer lifetime value (LTV). This new SDK-free service conducts real-time multi variant analysis and delivers mobile app recommendations to drive customer acquisition for brands, marketers and agencies, and to maximize inventory monetization for over 1,100 publishers.Since 2012, YouAppi’s product and R&D teams have been enhancing the company’s proprietary predictive algorithms for analyzing mobile customer acquisition patterns via apps and the mobile web according to 25 different demographic, geographic and interest-based factors. The company’s technology then evaluates and segments the usage patterns of over 200 million users in order to identify profitable mobile customers for each mobile marketer based on Lifetime Value. As a result of the company’s development, YouAppi’s algorithms are able to match the best content with the users most likely to engage and pay for it. After testing their technology on thousands of campaigns, YouAppi is launching the company’s enhanced mobile customer acquisition solution for marketers and agencies.YouAppi’s R&D team has spent nearly three years studying the usage habits of mobile customers and has optimized algorithms that predict lifetime customer value, not just installs. The company begins each client engagement by defining that client’s customer acquisition Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). For one client, the KPI might be the time spent on site OR number of articles read while for another client, the KPI might be the number of items placed in a shopping cart or purchased within a given period of time. Once the KPIs have been defined, YouAppi’s team develops a customer acquisition program utilizing the company’s technology platform and available ad inventory. These KPIs are monitored and optimized throughout the customer acquisition campaign and compared with actual revenue generated.Madgic, a mediation company, has been using YouAppi’s data-driven mobile customer acquisition solution to generate thousands of customers with a high LTV for Madgic’s clients. “There are tens if not hundreds of solutions promising app installs,” said Olivier Chouraki, CEO, from Madgic. “What sets YouAppi apart is the company’s proprietary technology and experience, which delivers thousands of new customers at a significantly higher lifetime value, month after month.”While most mobile user acquisition solution providers are paid for installs, at YouAppi, customer retention rates, directly correlated to LTV, are included in the company’s pricing models because of the effectiveness of our technology in finding the right customers.“After spending time and working together with mobile marketers, we realized that what they need is a data-driven technology platform which has been optimized for Lifetime Customer Value, not merely delivering installs,” said Moshe Vaknin, Founder & CEO, YouAppi. Moshe is a serial entrepreneur now managing his fourth digital marketing startup.“We’re excited to lead YouAppi’s current fundraising round after a year of significant revenue growth since Glilot first invested in YouAppi in 2013,” said Kobi Samboursky, co-founder and managing partner, Glilot Capital. “Positive feedback from the company’s clients continues to validate their value proposition: YouAppi generates mobile customers with a greater Lifetime Value.”“We are glad to join the YouAppi team with our investment and partnership,” said Dmitry Smirnov, Managing Partner, Flint Capital. “We believe it would allow YouAppi to further strengthen its market positions and realize its ambitious strategy based on the success of the company’s mobile customer acquisition solution.”To date, YouAppi has raised $5 million from Glilot Capital, 2B Angels, Flint Capital and private investors.About YouAppiYouAppi, a pioneer in data-driven customer acquisition, generates profitable mobile customers for marketers and agencies, providing one single point to streamline their mobile media buying. With most mobile acquisition providers focused on installs, YouAppi’s proprietary algorithms analyze the mobile content consumption patterns of over 200 million users in order to identify and deliver customers with the highest Lifetime Value (LTV). YouAppi was founded in late 2011 with offices in New York, San Francisco, Madrid and Israel. For more information, please visit Glilot Capital PartnersGlilot Capital Partners helps exceptional entrepreneurs and start-ups, in seed and early stage companies, sow their seeds of intelligence, realize their potential, and gain long-term business success.Glilot offers a hands-on approach, first-hand entrepreneurial experience, business expertise, and a valuable network of contacts to companies operating in the sector of Cyber Security, Internet and SaaS.About 2B Angels2B Angels is an Israeli angel investor company that was founded in 2009. In this time, 2B Angels has led a promising portfolio of investments in the high tech sector, and was is characterized as one of the most active angel investors in Israel. 2B Angels’ focus areas are include Digital, New Media (Mobile, Ad Tech, E-Commerce, Internet, etc.), SaaS products, Communication, Security & Cyber.About Flint CapitalFlint Capital — an international private equity fund which specializes in financing high-tech projects in the IT, media and telecom, and financial and consumer services sectors. The fund was founded in 2013 by Dmitry Smirnov and Oleg Seydak; it targets projects at the Israeli, US and European markets. The current volume of the fund is $50 million, while the average value of one deal exceeds $1M.