The 5 Biggest Opportunities of In-App Mobile Video Advertising

video advertising Mobile has eclipsed TV as the screen in front of which we spend most time per day. Mobile web traffic surpasses that of desktop traffic globally. The majority of this traffic comes from apps, and this figure is only set to grow.The implication is clear: advertisers neglecting in-app advertising from their mobile strategy will be left behind.Mobile video advertising has dramatically changed the landscape and opportunity of in-app advertising. Let’s look at the biggest opportunities on offer.

1. Massive rewards when you reward your customers

Recent studies of in-app mobile video campaigns have shown that campaigns which offer users rewards in exchange for engagement actually result in higher user LTV.Key to this success is the unparalleled capacity for interaction offered by in-app mobile video ads. As users engage with their phones in multiple way, ads which mimic the in-app experience minimize disruption and engage consumers better. Advertisers can take advantage by creating ‘opt-in’ ads and offering consumers rewards such as coupons or discounted offers for their participation.

2. Iterate on end cards

Another way in which advertisers can take advantage of the native functionality of mobile video ads is by serving rich media end cards.Advertisers can customize these cards to suit their business:

  • A retail advertiser could end a video ad with a gallery of products for sale
  • A CPG advertiser could add a coupon at the end of a video ad
  • Advertisers can add individualized, customer-centric data, such as a user’s name, or the ability to upload a photo to the ad background

In addition to creative ‘wow’ factor offered by these ad units, post-action activity can be monitored and end cards can be iterated on for innovative A/B testing.

3. Celebrity endorsements = Massive social currency

Celebrity cameos are guaranteed to spread your message and help you on your way to mythic viral video status. Taylor Swift’s Drake-induced face plant video racked up an impressive 15 million views on Facebook alone in 48 hours while Clash of Clans’ ad with Liam Neeson was the second most viewed video of 2015.You don’t necessarily need an Apple or Super Bowl-size budget to take advantage of this tactic if you have a niche audience. With deep targeting capabilities, working with respected community figures is a great way of getting your audience take notice.

4. Video ad formats provide varying opportunities

In-app video provides the opportunity for many different lengths and formats. While ‘opt-in’ video provides the benefit of engaging consumers, autoplay video is often the norm. Autoplay is also a great advantage for mobile video advertisers across verticals. This was shown when Twitter launched autoplay, they noted a 2.5x increase in engagement.Of course, creative best practices should be followed to take advantage of the opportunities for each spot: longer videos should offer a viral quality. Shorter spots should aim to grab attention instantly.

5. In-app mobile ads carry biggest captive audience

Simply put, in-app mobile advertising offers the biggest captive audience.While mobile internet usage is growing in the US and Europe, with barriers such as data charges diminishing, mobile internet usage is the norm in India and other large markets. As phone screens continuing to grow, mobile video advertising provides an increasingly rich experience for consumers.