2020 Around the Campfire Circle

Our Appi Camper community has grown so much this past year, and we want to celebrate all the mobile experts who have shared their stories with us. From trends to strategies, our growth leaders have used their expertise to help us navigate the market and overcome challenges.

Join us around the Appi Campfire Circle for a round-up of the best advice from our 2020 Appi Campers!

Miray Alanlar

“I would recommend growth marketers to continue to feed the top of the user acquisition funnel via paid, social, ASO but to prioritize owned channels and begin re-activating the churned users.”

Sarah Chafer

“I have found that whenever big industry shifts happen, it is important to stay flexible. The most important thing for us to focus on is building support to allow our ad partners to have as little disruption in their current campaigns as possible.”

Andrew Grillo

“The biggest challenge we saw initially was the uncertainty of our longer-term performance. Our products are subscription-based, so while we were seeing upper funnel metrics like install and free trials grow, our question was: what will the long-term retention curves look like?”

Hagop Hagopian

“The positive trend we are seeing in gaming due to COVID-19 is the great influx in the volume of game players. With people being locked down, we are seeing more people downloading games on their phones and spending time playing games.”

Sean Hailer

“I look at this current situation as a way to increase the breadth of my relationships with partners; how can I better support them during this time? What projects can I focus on that will have the most impact for them, and increase my effectiveness?”

Scott Kepnach

Scott Kepnach Appi Camper

“I think now is a great time to re-engage lapsed users rather than focusing on acquiring new customers, as there is (at least for my vertical) more intent by users to use our platform, as we’ve certainly seen an increase in organic traffic.”

Sean Kroger

“With COVID-19 throwing a wrench in our everyday life and most of us now working from home, we are seeing a true merger of the work-life and home life. With WFH comes distractions, causing many of us to greatly alter our normal work routines. With all this, automation really comes to mind. ”

Alex Merutka

“I started an email thread with family and close friends where each of us shares what we are grateful for each day. After two weeks of being isolated, it’s pretty awesome what you and others become thankful for.”

Anthony Pascale

“iOS 14 is around the corner and people start to look a bit elsewhere to see if there’s a way to avoid a potential loss. I think this will mark a new reflection for developers around the globe to look beyond the “iOS” and “Android” big markets.”

Mike Reese

“I think many companies with both retail and digital options were able to naturally adapt to this change and shift in consumer behavior. During this new normal that we are all in the process of adapting to, being in the digital space and being able to capitalize on digital channels is what drives growth.”

Claire Rozain

“I am also seeing a lot of innovative new ways to scale advertising with respect to the user choice. The user will now have to give his/her consent and opt-in to get a personalized user experience. This makes all of us consider more deeply the user consent flow, which will be the main strategy to consider.”

Adrian Sarasa

“Since people had to stay home, a lot of companies have seen an increase in app usage metrics. In this instance, it was definitely a good time to try to re-engage your users as they were probably more receptive.”

Olivia Smith

“Something I am working through and testing proactively is making the advertising opt-in as friendly, seamless, and informational as possible. This is also a huge moment where brands should be examining their brand’s positioning and seeing where the gaps are.”

Siberia Su

“An important thing to do is to celebrate the small wins for my team and myself. I make sure that we set up goals and plans, and discuss strategies for each milestone together. Every little win on the chart helps everybody to see hope, and feel valued and connected.”