MarTech Exec: Balancing on the Marketing Tightrope: Advice from Those Who Have Been There, Done That

The marketing industry moves fast. The landscape is perpetually shifting. There’s no one course you can take or book you can read that will make you an expert. And that can make entering the industry an intimidating feat.

Being a marketer today requires a careful balancing act. The modern marketer needs to be tech-savvy — able to quickly analyze whether or not a tool will fit into their martech stack and just as quickly be able to implement it.

However, it’s not possible to know the ins and outs of every piece of technology that comes along. Having a specialty in one area — an area that’s particularly relevant to your brand and what you do — can make the process easier.

That specialty plus a general knowledge of the bigger picture of the martech landscape will take you a long way.

Staying on top of the latest tech and trends is crucial to helping you stay ahead of competitors. But you also have to remember that the customer relationship is just as important.

All those shiny tools — while they can make our processes more efficient — can’t forge the human connections that keep our brands alive on their own.

Like I said: Marketing is a balancing act.

And that means seeking out balanced sources of advice. We turned to our 50 Women You Need to Know in Martech for further guidance.

Here’s what they advise for the aspiring marketers:

  • Know (at least) a little about a lot
  • Focus your energy
  • Get comfortable with different technologies
  • Wear your passion on your sleeve
  • Be forward-thinking
  • Cultivate your environment with strong mentors
  • Be cognizant of how others perceive you
Jennifer Shambroom

Jennifer Shambroom, Chief Marketing Officer at YouAppi

“The ever-changing behavior of consumers and predicting their next moves presents a challenge worthy of renewed motivation from day-to-day.Adapting technology to enhance, engage and excite consumers is an element of this work that drives me forward. There is no time to sit still in the martech and mobile industries.”

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