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Leveraging Personalization for a Consumer-Centric Ad Experience

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Since mobile internet usage first surpassed desktop in 2015, mobile has continued to explode. It is now the preferred method for accessing digital channels, which means that it is also the best way to gain new customers and engage with existing users. At YouAppi, we help you put the customer first, so you can organically grow your market share without creating a negative ad experience.

The Benefits of Personalized Ads

Then data profiles, we create segmented audiences that deliver the right ads, at the right time to the right user. With digital overload a growing concern among adults, more and more consumers take active steps to avoid addition stimuli like ads. That puts a greater challenge before advertisers to create and deliver content that doesn’t generate push back. The last thing you want is an ad that has a user reaching for an ad-blocking software option.

Delivering Native and Relevant Content, Even in Ad Format

Today’s consumer spends an average of 5 hours per day on a mobile device. That offers marketers a lot of opportunities to connect with potential users. Video content is one of the leading lights in mobile usage with 88 percent growth, year-over-year. As consumers watch more video, both advertisers and users blur the lines between traditional TV advertising and mobile media. However, delivering content to app users is a different marketing channel, and requires more personalization for the best results.

To generate high growth numbers, particularly when pushing downloads, the most difficult task is to offer relevant content that drives user actions. For example, you don’t want to advertise a children’s learning app on an adult-facing game. Instead, you want ads that are meaningful to the user of each app. In a music app, you might advertise for concert ticket purchases. In a chat app, you might advertise a video peer-to-peer app solution that allows face time with chats. By offering ads that are relevant to the one in use, you can drive more conversions and help minimize uninstalls, one of the biggest issues facing mobile app developers.

Handling Personalization and Privacy

Delivering this highly personalized content while staying compliant with new regulations is tough, but at YouAppi, we are 100 percent GDPR compliant. That means you can work with us to grow your mobile user base without worrying about the potential for massive fines. As more countries and localities add privacy laws that encompass digital marketing, we evolve our processes to let you continue delivering meaningful ads to the right market segment.

Build Your Brand Up with Engaging Content

The last thing you want your brand associated with is annoying ads that pop up every few seconds. Instead, you want your ads to be meaningful and helpful to the viewer. At YouAppi, we work with you to discover your most important customers, develop strategies to improve your reach, build your brand recognition and do it all, using ads that deliver information, not annoyance. You don’t want your brand associated with annoying popups, and we don’t either. That’s why YouAppi works hard to empower users by putting relevant ads in front of the right users. Leveraging user data helps us help you achieve your marketing goals.

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