Keeping Your Brand Strong Against Ad Fraud and Hijacks


Today’s consumers are bombarded with advertisements. In the 1970s, your ad might have to compete with a few hundred other advertisers, but today, the average consumer might see more than 5,000 individual advertisements per day. That’s a lot of competition. With smartphones now in the hands of 77 percent of the population and many of those ads delivered digitally, you are connecting with consumers in an increasingly crowded space, where a single error can cost you a customer.

The Cost of Ad Fraud

Building consumer trust in a brand is an activity that takes years and requires constant investment. Unfortunately, all of that investment of time and resources can come to nothing with a single fraudulent ad.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.”

One virus downloaded due to a spoofed or re-directed ad can sour a customer relationship forever. Now, consider some of the stats that apply to mobile ad delivery.

These fraudulent attacks don’t just up the cost of your marketing. They also erode consumer trust. While click-fraud is an attack on your marketing budget, redirects and fraud installs can leave you facing a dissatisfied public over the virus that downloaded when they clicked on one of “your” brand ads.

Fighting Fraud with Better Protection

At YouAppi, we know that fraud is one of the biggest barriers to your success in mobile marketing. That’s why we use a 6-step fraud protection process designed to block out malicious coders and let you communicate directly with real consumers. We scan every click source for possible fraud and blacklist IP addresses in real time, so you don’t pay for advertising you aren’t getting, and help keep your brand free from trust issues.

Not All Networks are Created Equal

One of the big realizations facing today’s brands is the simple fact that not all advertising networks are equal when it comes to fraud prevention. Going with the lowest bid might just mean a 33 percent increase in fake responses, ultimately adding to the cost of your marketing efforts. On top of the fake costs that can seriously undermine your ROI is consumer action. When advertising networks fail to deliver relevant content that is virus-free, consumers are mobilized to protect themselves from ads that are perceived as attacks.

While 615 million devices have ad-blocking currently installed, it is important to note that 380 million of them are mobile devices. In fact, mobile ad blocking more than doubled from 108 million to 380 million in the course of a single year. Bad, annoying, irrelevant and downright dangerous ads only add steam to the ad-blocking movement. And, who can blame consumers for wanting to avoid faked, spoofed or redirected links?

At YouAppi, we deliver your ads to your potential customers and take a proactive approach to fraud prevention. Not only do we help you generate real improvements using metrics appropriate for your goals, we protect your brand reputation by protecting every ad we deliver.

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