YouAppi jumps to the #2 spot atop the Pixalate Seller Trust Index

Last week, Pixalate announced their Seller Trust Index for Q3 2018. Expectedly, YouAppi landed in the top 5 taking the #2 spot for the Mobile Seller Trust Index while also ranking #5 for the Video Seller Trust Index. This highly sought after ranking is an index of the top programmatic advertising firms. The categories reflect Pixalate’s opinions with respect to the factors that Pixalate believes will be useful to purchasers of media inventory in making their purchasing decisions.


Providing demand-clients direct inventory that is brand safe and fraud-free is the #1 priority for YouAppi. Essentially, brand safety is avoiding having your ads published on controversial sites or in content which contradicts your brand’s identity.

According to a survey done by Trusted Media Brands (TMB) and Advertiser Perceptions in 2017, brand safety finished in the top 3 for most concerning issues marketers face, just behind ROI and Viewability.  

Brand safety is one of the most important things to advertisers right now, especially with video. YouAppi’s MOAT viewability score is 92%, coming in high above the mobile web benchmark of 65%. You can see how far above YouAppi’s inventory cleanliness is from some competitors in the space.  

The programmatic buying of ads allows marketers to find their potential customers across all environments. Since programmatic buying has recently steadily increased over direct buying, brands can now find their audience wherever they may be. Improved targeting capabilities increase the chances of the potential to have a brand’s ad placed on a site or in content that may jeopardize the perception of your brand to loyal customers.

Having your ads published on unsafe sites has diminishing effects such as damaging your brand name with potential customers resulting in a loss of revenue. According to a report by eMarketer, “research specifically found 51% of US millennials and Gen Xers were less likely to purchase from brands after seeing unsafe ad placements, and 70% would not recommend or purchase from brands that advertised against ‘offensive, hateful or derogatory content’”.


Advertisers are alarmed, which is why marketing strategies have shifted with the rise of fraud and the resulting effects it can have on a brand’s bottom line, thereby, making brand safety the highest priority when making decisions on where to allocate spend. Channels with brand safe environments will see a large increase according to the eMarketer survey that asked CMOs about their digital strategy moving forward.   


YouAppi’s overall mission is to protect the advertiser from fraudulent activity while delivering high quality targeted awareness and growth. We have assembled a dedicated fraud team of data scientists to monitor your campaigns and prevent your ads from being displayed on any unsavory sites while also partnering with MOAT (brand intelligence product) and Zvelo (bot detection) for added protection. For example, we provide a pre-bid and post-bid anti-fraud solution, viewability, spoofing, time since registration monitoring, and blacklist flags. With all of these protective measures in place, you can sleep well knowing YouAppi is protecting your brand.   

Sandor Jones | Senior Product Marketing Manager