Re-engagement Core Content! YouAppi X Adjust Seminar Review

YouAppi and Adjust jointly held a re-engagement seminar on Mar 27th. During the seminar, YouAppi China general manager Michael, BD manager Klaus, and Adjust China account manager Todd gave wonderful speeches from different perspectives. And we simultaneously published the 2019 Re-engagement Survey Report.

During the panel, Sincetime VP of overseas distribution of Mabel and YouAppi re-engagement director Hilit joined in the seminar and added more bright spots to the activity. Since the seminar is both a technology “party” and a useful marketing course, let’s review the highlights of the seminar together!

Key Content Review:

Why should we do re-engagement?

Sincetime VP of overseas distribution of Mabel:

The cost of acquiring new users is high, and new users are limited. But old users from different levels have the lowest return cost, and these users have had previous interaction with you. So they are easier to regulate and control than any new users in the market.I think all marketers really support the re-engagement solution.

What kind of app is suitable to do re-engagement?

Sincetime VP of overseas distribution of Mabel:

Our company’s products are heavy games. Of course, the users of these games are very suitable for doing re-engagement. We will segment users. First of all, we pick up paying users. Then we will subdivide users according to the pay level. And then pick up the deeper but lost users. Users who belong to different categories definitely have different value. Of course, if you do re-engagement, you must be inclined towards the paid users and some deep users who are also very valuable.

YouAppi re-engagement director Hilit:

In fact, not only game applications, but also various types of applications are suitable for doing re-engagement, including e-commerce, retail, travel, entertainment and other fields. As long as there is a revenue demand, the products involved in recycling are suitable for doing re-engagement.

The sphere in which re-engagement can be applied.

YouAppi re-engagement director Hilit:

Take the game application example. The audience of a game application can be divided into two parts. One is the user who has never used the application, and the other is the user who generates a series of events after downloading the application, who is the focus of the re-engagement campaign.

We divide the events of users in the form of a funnel. The top is the download, followed by the registration, and finally the payment. We set different KPIs for each segment in this funnel and then achieve our goals.

So the most important thing for re-engagement is to guide the user from the initial action to the final payment in this funnel model.

How to protect data privacy in the process of doing re-engagement?

Adjust China account manager Todd:

The goal of the core algorithm of the advertising platform is to achieve more accurate portraits, more post-installation events, and more accurate targeting. But to get so many events, you need an agreement from the advertiser, otherwise you cannot get it.  And getting advertisers to trust an advertising platform requires a period of time.

In the transition period, the advertising platform like YouAppi can filter the data or events needed. Firstly, let the advertisers give you some data. If the first batch of adjustments is good, then there will be a second batch, then the third batch. I think when advertisers see a good ROI, they will be happy to gradually open their data and share more and more data. Therefore, to establish a relationship of mutual trust is a process.

As a third-party platform, Adjust can be a medium that can protect both parties and help them establish long-term stable trust relationships.

Sincetime VP of overseas distribution of Mabel:

I started doing the mobile games business in 2013. At the beginning, everyone was very conservative. Many companies even were not willing to let employees at different levels see their internal reports. But after a long time, we noticed that as a small and medium-sized enterprise, survival is priority. Considering whether others are going to steal our data is secondary.

So we are very open now. If the channels we work with are reliable and transparent and we are willing to cooperate for a long time, we will be happy to share data with them.

YouAppi re-engagement director Hilit:

In terms of data privacy, everyone can relax.

YouAppi cooperates with big platforms such as Adjust. All data exchange is carried out in the backstage. It is an interaction between the system and the system, between the machine and the machine. So the privacy of the user cannot be manually obtained from the backstage.

All of our actions to collect data will only begin once the advertiser agrees to give us the data, and we cannot see any historical data, including their geographic location or address information. We cannot see and save this historical data.

A device ID is not a very unique user ID; it can even be reset. The information we get from users is actually obtained after they give their consent, and we have no other permission to do any other things.

The most important point is that YouAppi is a legitimate company with about 15 offices around the world, spread across the United States, Southeast Asia, and then Japan, South Korea, China etc. Any activity we conduct is based on very strict user privacy policy requirements. YouAppi is just an advertising platform, not a big data company, so we don’t take the initiative to get any private information from users. We only use this data to optimize advertising performance and marketing activities.

How to set an appropriate KPI when using re-engagement?

YouAppi re-engagement director Hilit:

Setting the funnel-shaped KPI is very important for doing re-engagement. In fact, it is what we just previously mentioned about how to gradually guide the user from the first step to the final step, which is payment. For YouAppi, it is about helping SMEs to carry out such a marketing campaign. We will set different KPIs at different levels, and cover a larger audience.

I will continue to answer some more questions about re-engagement that advertisers care about. In terms of material design, YouAppi has a design team, Appi Studio, with about ten people in the domestic office. If the advertisers have some materials that they have already approved, the original materials can be passed to us. Our design team can help small and medium-sized advertisers to make some follow-up designs for free.

In addition, in terms of operations, we can also help small and medium-sized advertisers carry out deeper and more refined operations, even one-on-one operations. For example, if the advertisers have any requirements for pulling the report data, our operations can 100% satisfy them.

Finally, the issue related to incremental testing. Because the advertisers doing re-engagement  want to spend their funds on the most worthwhile part, figuring out where the users are lost, or where the users have the highest cost performance, will require us to carry out some A/B tests.

We can use 90% of the users’ samples to display our re-engaged ads. And we do not show any advertisements to the remaining 10% of the users. Then we use the funnel-type model to shape them step by step, to compare and to see which step has the biggest gap. So the advertisers are more prone to spend money on this step, and then set the corresponding KPI, and then carry out subsequent optimization.

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