Mobile Gamers are an Ideal Audience for Brands

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The old trope of male-dominated digital gaming is obsolete. Today, gamers make up a larger portion of the market, particularly those with income to spare. That makes advertising to gamers a much more attractive proposition to brands. After all, according to a mobile gaming audience study, the modern gamer is:

  • 62 percent female
  • Between 25-54 years old
  • A member of the middle class, with 60 percent reporting an income of $50K annually

This shift in demographics means that gamers now make up the most prominent purchasers out there.

Women Control the Marketplace

In the U.S., women influence 83 percent of all spending outside of the business sphere. They take the lead on grocery purchases, clothing, beauty, home goods, travel, and dozens of other consumer industries. That means engaging with a female audience is necessary for building brands and customer engagement. With the modern gamer persona taking a female lead, it should come as no surprise that even the biggest brands are turning to mobile games for advertising.

Mobile Gaming Takes the Lead Role

In the gaming industry, traditional console gaming is no longer the industry leader. In fact, 88.8 percent of all digital gamers are now mobile gamers. That means there is a major advertising opportunity available to brands. Where console games are encapsulated and offer few communication avenues, apps offer sponsored videos, in-app advertising, native advertising, and plenty of other methods for connecting with potential buyers.

Mobile Gaming Drives More Views than Major Network TV

Mobile devices are irrevocably changing the way brands interact with consumers. Historically, TV advertising was one of the major ways to connect with new customers. Today, the most popular mobile games equal or out-perform ratings for prime time TV. Daily prime time views for the most popular TV network falls well short of the number of users at peak time for successful digital games like Pokemon Go or Candy Crush.

What Makes Mobile Game Advertising Successful?

Customer engagement with ads and awareness campaigns are only successful when consumers take the time to watch or read a display. With social ads, users scroll right past them or block ads using software. The same is true for any digital display advertising. With mobile gaming, users are incentivized to watch an ad with rewarded video ad units. They already play the game, guaranteeing engagement with the activity. Gaining in-game tokens to improve gameplay means their interaction with brands is positive. Also, it’s driven by the user. Instead of forcing users to watch, users select the offers they find compelling.

Rewarded viewing in mobile games gets past buyer pushback by turning it into a user-generated interaction. It’s a lot like the difference between inbound and outbound sales. With inbound, the customer is already interested in the product. With outbound sales, brands spend a lot of time on the first contact and educating the consumer.

Building a Mobile Gaming Ad Campaign

At YouAppi, we work with premium brands to grow their reach and build awareness, something mobile gaming incentivized advertising is uniquely positioned to do. Plus, ad space via mobile games is substantially more affordable than premium placement for display ads or traditional print or TV spots. Put ads and offers in front of interested viewers, not overloaded power users.