Fourth Source: The Future of Digital Marketing: Predictions to Thrive in 2019

The Future of Digital Marketing: Predictions to Thrive in 2019

Moshe Vaknin, CEO YouAppi

Spending time in the mobile marketing world sparks quite an appetite for a look into the crystal ball of digital trends, and marketing mistakes to come in 2019. Years of analyzing consumer trends and data has given me valuable insight into the needs of audiences around the globe.

It’s that time of year again to gear up for the changes of the new year and prepare your internal strategy to meet the ever-changing needs of the marketing landscape. Here are the latest digital marketing trends that will dominate 2019, help brands succeed, and allow your brand to optimize marketing strategies.

Traditional TV is Thing of the Past; Make Way for Connected TV

Streaming services and connected devices are taking the market by storm – Amazon Fire, Roku, Smart TVs, gaming consoles and OTT devices. A report from eMarketer predicts 60% of the U.S. population will watch connected TV (CTV) at least once a month by 2022. Next year, we will see brands and marketers develop more streamlined strategies to reach cord cutters. For those who don’t adapt, the results will be lost opportunities to connect with consumers.

Video: Short & Sweet

One-third of online activity today is spent watching videos. As digital marketing evolves, we will continue to see trends favoring its use in online marketing, with the top use case being brand video. Social media is an ideal platform for engaging with consumers in an accessible and affordable environment – especially video content. Videos can help brands build credibility, through compelling storytelling, demos, and thought leadership. The newest form for 2019 will be short form video. With today’s short attention spans, marketers must adapt to maximize effectiveness. Short-form videos can come in the forms of sizzles, snaps, teasers, and branded content.

Instagram: The Marketing Destination of 2019

Move over Facebook, the leading social channel of 2019 will be Instagram. With the rise of Instagram shopping and artificial intelligence lenses, Instagram is poised to make a splash in 2019. These upgrades will provide a higher engagement rate between brands and consumers. With its burgeoning mobile and web presence, Instagram has quickly grown into a massive social network. Engagement rates on the platform are 15 times higher than Facebook and 20 higher than Twitter. The power of visual content is sure to be even more critical for marketers in 2019.

Building Better Customer Relationships with Blockchain

2019 will bring an even greater adoption of blockchain. Companies of all types will begin to better understand and start investing in blockchain as a way to advance their marketing strategies. By incorporating certain aspects of blockchain technology, marketers and businesses alike will be able to engage and grow their audiences in new ways. With the blockchain, micropayments can be deposited directly to users’ wallets whenever they interact with commercial emails — or with video ads. By 2020, it is estimated that ad-blocking adoption will cost publishers $35 billion. Another benefit of the blockchain-enabled technology potentially allows marketers to recapture some of that revenue with a different type of model: marketers pay consumers directly for their attention, and cut out the Google-Facebook layer.

Visual Search

Visual search technology is quickly improving and in 2019, we’ll see new, intelligent visual search technology being incorporated into branded apps and websites, shifting the marketing landscape as we know it. For e-commerce retailers, in particular, this presents an enormous opportunity. The emergence of visual search could shape search habits over the next few years and marketers will need to adapt to remain competitive. One benefit for the marketer is being able to personalize the shopping experience during the discovery phase. With this technology, retailers will be able to analyze based on an image, including colors, patterns, shapes and use that for more tailored content.

Regulations Reshaping the Data Foundations of the Advertising Industry

Going into 2019, consumer privacy data regulation will still be a key factor. We can expect to see more regulations put into place that will further tighten up accountability regarding consumer data. This will continue to impact the marketing and advertising industries, as they must remain compliant with the rules in order to succeed. Because of GDPR, CCPA and other privacy regulations, consumers are becoming more aware of how their data is being used, shared and addressed by companies. Security will be top of mind in 2019, as companies that experience breaches of any kind will be held accountable by consumers and media.

Despite the known (and unknown) marketing challenges that will stem from regulations such as these, the future of digital marketing is ripe with variety and possibility. Video branding, visual search, blockchain technology and more will redefine the marketing space in 2019. Consumers are becoming more aware of their data and how it’s used. Because of these changes, it will be up to marketers to appeal to their audiences in more meaningful ways without encroaching on copious amounts of personal data. When putting your 2019 marketing strategies together, keep these trends in mind, and let’s get ready to ring in the new year of digital marketing.