2019 Survival Guide Recap

2019 is the year of video

Even though it is already March, it is never too late to watch our 2019 Survival Guide webinar as the best way to prepare for the rest of the year. In 2019, we will see the daily time spent on mobile surpass time spent with tv. This shift in viewing behavior is a large contributor behind the movement of ad budgets to mobile video. Consumers are everywhere now, and you should be too with video.


Micro Moments

Micro-moments on mobile happen hundreds of times per day. These are moments when people use their phone to find out answers to questions, solve problems, contact people or many other quick instances. All micro-moments on mobile are opportunities to connect with your audience and now video is the most effective ad unit to do it with. Adults are spending an average of 3 hours and 35 minutes per day on mobile and should surpass TV in time spent this year. The mobile device allows for brand and performance advertisers to connect in a more personal manner because the phone is one of the most personal belongings someone can have. The evolved behavior of mobile users allows for a true connection but it has to be quick. Think about how to get your message across in the shortest amount of time with a frictionless experience. Whether the audience is needing to look up something, solve an issue or send a message,  you should be leveraging these micro-moments to get your story across but do it succinctly.


Leverage Data

Data can help any marketer be more effective at their messaging and ultimately increase the chances of hitting their KPIs. Leverage data differently throughout the funnel in order to make that connection to your audience. The behavior of app users allows for more touch points through every stage of the funnel. The traditional funnel ended with the ultimate goal (conversion) but now has evolved into a new funnel shape with loyalty and advocacy being the end goals. Brand marketing is all about connecting to the consumer’s hearts and inspiring the audience to do something. If you can do this more effectively by using data to target more relevant audiences, then you have a better chance of creating brand loyalists who organically promote your product. Consumers are much more willing to buy products through referrals and word of mouth, so advocacy is the ultimate end goal.  



Personalization of messaging and creatives is a solid foundation for a mobile marketers strategy. Every conversion creates a data point to take the user on a different journey that they decide and the marketer has to adapt to the segmented strategy. Segmentation is based on past behaviors and psychographics. Use data about the consumer and their journey to tailor ads based on their last experience. With more targeted and relevant messaging comes better results and a higher likelihood to hit your KPIs. Video works very well for every stage of the funnel and with personalization. In the awareness stage, you can use video for precisely targeting your desired audience to drive completed views. Opt-in video ads are more immersive for the viewer than static banners or interstitials, so the ultimate message of the ad has a higher likelihood to land. Look to move more budget into video this year, but make sure you have fresh creatives for your audiences. Video can be leveraged to engage your audience through sequential messaging to essentially tell a story through several engagements. Whether the continued engagement is throughout an entire week or just a few days, it depends on your strategy and messaging.

With personalization comes concerns about GDPR, which has been a point of contention for marketers, especially as consumers become more knowledgeable about personal data. Overall, the reaction to GDPR has not been all bad from app users. If the value exchange between the publisher and end user is very clear from the initial consent, then the user will be more likely to grant consent for the publisher to use the data for a better experience. It is also important to have experience prioritized over offering a discount since users would be more willing to give up their data for an optimized customer experience. Get creative about asking for permission to use data by providing the value you can offer the user with their data. An example from a travel app, “Don’t you really want to know about your flight information?”.

Our Survival Guide webinar has much more information on how to be successful in 2019. Listen in to understand what you need to do to capture the user’s attention during the micro-moments and how to leverage data to deliver the best ad experience possible.