Fraud protection

Our continuous 6 step fraud protection process allows for you to grow at scale while we minimize your risk.

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YouAppi’s Continuous 6 Step Fraud Protection Process

Click Validity Analysis

YouAppi’s data scientists run click validity analyses to ensure that the click sources are real people and not bots or other malicious sources.

Quality Surveillance

Automatically safeguards from non-human traffic by tracking app engagement and number of events per user.

Real-Time IP Blacklisting

Ensures that YouAppi is not purchasing traffic from any questionable sources with real-time IP blacklist updating.

Continuous Automated App Scanning Lab

Monitors and tests for malware apps which are responsible for click injection.


Hourly Install and Conversion Analysis

Detects inconsistent patterns and quickly alerts YouAppi’s data scientists to further examine suspicious traffic sources.

Click-to-Install Time Analysis

Over 90 percent of installs occur within the first four hours, YouAppi’s data scientists use click-to-install delay analysis to screen fraudulent mobile downloads.


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