What types of mobile app creative assets does YouAppi support?

Depending on specifics such as the campaign, audience, and goals, we adjust the type of ad we use. For complete details on all our ad specs, visit: http://support.youappi.com/. Here are some examples of the creatives we can provide:

Interstitial ads – users are served a full-screen ad, either static, or video during natural transition points in the app. Interstitials can be rewarded. 

Banner ads – this is the most popular mobile ad format, according to the MMA. The banner ad uses a “banner” at the top or bottom of the screen with text and graphics. Banner ads have very little space to provide detailed information and are best for characterizing the brand in a few words.

Top Performing Banner Ad Sizes

300×250 – Medium rectangle 

336×280 – Large rectangle 

728×90 – Leaderboard 

300×600 – Half page or large skyscraper 

320×50 – Mobile leaderboard

Native ads – these types of ads blend in like chameleons, trying to look like the environment they’re being served in. For example, they can be served in-game, in-feed (shopping), or in-feed (content). These ads deliver high engagement with the viewer, support branding recognition, and get your company (or, for example, the user’s recently stocked shopping cart item) to the top of users’ minds.

Video ads – we offer different specifications for app re-engagement ads versus user acquisition ads. Full screen video ads are also called transition ads, inter-commercial ads, and splash pages. A full range of direct in-app inventory is available including full-screen, rewarded, programmatic, outstream (in-banner video), and custom content.