What sets YouAppi’s re-engagement apart from other platforms?‎

YouAppi’s AI-powered, proprietary technology works with advanced algorithms to improve user engagement, retention, and click-out rate by strategically targeting the right audience segment with the right message or offer.

  • Cross vertical – YouAppi has a proven track record of successful campaigns with premium brands in any vertical
  • Full reporting transparency
    • Passing any level of data, dynamically, through the trackers
    • Access to real-time campaign data in personalized dashboard
    • Cohort and raw data reporting
  • BI services, Service free of charge
    • Reporting API on real-time passing the data directly to your internal analytic system
    • Support with manual reporting of impressions, click logs, win & bid rates
  • Custom audience builder – with real-time data processing and granular profile segmentation. Service free of charge.
  • Proprietary technology – built on top of different supply sources including direct programmatic connections to the biggest SSPs and YouAppi’s SDK publishers. We can leverage this into a higher success rate in terms of matching and converting your users in both scale & quality.
  • CPA optimization – allows us to optimize accordingly and hit your KPIs within 4 weeks.
  • Real-time incrementality testing allows us to quickly measure the impact on your dormant users and increase your overall revenue in real time!
  • Dynamic creative optimization – the creative and messaging updates itself according to the action you want these groups of users’ to perform (personalized ads with product feed re-engagement).
  • Formatting and creating ad assets for product feed re-engagement, including design videos, native ads, and banners in all sizes are available as a pass-through cost.