What is the difference between re-engagement and retargeting?

Let’s take a live example. Your company is running two separate campaigns:

Retargeting addresses users that have already made the initial install, but did not continue further into the user experience down the funnel, i.e. after install, they did not then perform, for example, a first-time order, purchase, registration, or specific action.

More details: The user downloads and opens the app, but has rarely returned to browse or purchase. In-app retargeting advertising reminds the user of his interest. The user clicks to return to the app to review the specific product, order, or aspect of the app where they are likely to browse or purchase – driving the conversion of an active user, a few days after the install, for instance.

Re-engagement addresses users that have already performed certain actions but have not been active for a given time frame.

More details: YouAppi identifies the users who are likely to re-engage based on their behavior and find the users wherever they are. YouAppi delivers engaging offers, based on individual user intent and ensures the best performing creative is displayed. YouAppi brings the user back to relevant content (e.g. via deep-linking) within your app.

***The amount of time, actions, purchases, registrations, app opens, etc. can be defined.***