What is incrementality/lift? How do you measure it?

  • We can measure the incremental increase a.k.a. lift generated in any key metrics:
    • Revenue 
    • Conversion rate
    • User LTV
  • Lift Analysis proves incrementality –  we run a test and control group.
  • Always-on lift measurement:
    1. intent-to-treat
    2. ghost bid testing


Regarding incrementality:

  1. Goal: to analyze the incremental lift in different KPIs such as conversion rate, conversion velocity, between Control and Test Group to prove the efficacy of retargeting with our internal and free tool.
  • Measure the lift generated in a key metric (like in-app purchase) because of the advertising campaign.
  • Measure, compare, and analyze how the campaign has increased user purchase rate. 
  1. Methodology: comparing purchase behavior of users who are shown an ad (Test group) vs. users who are not exposed to an ad (Control Group).
  • Real-Time User Split – “Audience Randomization” technology to automatically split users in Control and Test group in real time. About 90% of the users are added to the Test Group and 10% to the Control Group.
  • The selection process considers users from all segment groups.
  • Dynamic Audience Segmentation: 
    • The audience engine further segments both Test and Control group users into granular cohorts based on purchase funnel position, visit recency, frequency.