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Enable Better Measurement for Mobile Marketing ROI with View-Through Attribution

What drives up costs in many marketing campaigns is the need to reach a wide audience and low conversion rates. Online video ads generate an average click-through rate of just 1.84 percent, and that’s high for digital advertising. Finding the best placements for your ads often starts by watching the customer journey from start to finish. With view-through attribution (VTA) measurements, you get a better look at what media performs well for your campaign.

What is View-Through Attribution?

Attribution is assigning credit for the eventual conversion, and with VTA, you can trace an install to a specific in-app event or impression. That means you know what drove a user to download and install your app. Not every user installs immediately after seeing an ad, so it is important to be able to look at metrics that link views to eventual clicks.

Benefits of VTA for Media Buyers and Sellers

Higher conversion rates mean lower marketing costs. When you can more accurately attribute conversions to impressions or views, you can better determine which media is performing well in your portfolio. That also guides you to the highest quality of inventory for your campaign. The algorithm for the competition of high-value video inventory prioritizes the demand with VTA enabled. After all, these sellers make more when they get proper attribution as the source of conversions. Marketers can more easily demonstrate ROI, advertisers can see the most lucrative channels, and publishers can price media appropriately and pick up the right amount of attribution revenue. It’s a win on all sides.

Transparency and the Big Picture

The better you can understand customer behavior, the better you can tailor your marketing efforts to drive a boost in conversion rate. With VTA, you get a look at every aspect of user behavior, allowing you to connect the dots between ad impression and post-install activity. When you know which media inventory delivers installations, you can pay more for eCPMs and still see ROI improvements. When you make more for publishers, they allocate you more inventory. By not getting lost in the organic bucket, you create a transparent environment that pushes marketing ROI through the roof.


Sandor Jones | Product Marketing

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