Ulu Games Success Story for the ARKA game

Re-engaged Players Drive Increased Return On Investment

Company Overview

ULU Games, founded in 2012, is a global game operator & publisher from China aiming at overseas mobile game publications. Within 8 years of development, they have built productions in more than 30 countries and districts and are ranked among top game publishers in many regions. ARKA was released in May 2019 in South Korea.


Increasing Player Retention and Return on Investment

YouAppi’s retargeting goal with the ARKA game was to deliver quality players to the game, both new and existing, while providing a specific return on investment. First, YouAppi worked to segment audiences, after which YouAppi worked to deliver personalized ads to increase game players and drive value for Ulu. 




User Segmentation Targets High-Value Players

Through a tried-and-true process, we strategically segmented players to identify highly-engaged users and new users. We then built custom audience segments. This included targeting high potential new users who had not played the game and retargeting high-value users that had recently played the ARKA game.

Dynamic Creative Optimization Delivers Higher ROI

Through creative A/B testing and optimization, we achieved higher click and conversion rates. We were able to test numerous creatives with the segmented audience groups to better match creatives to user interests which in turn allowed us to achieve higher revenue.

Segmenting users and serving personalized ads based on their past engagement was very successful, illustrating that creative optimization and dynamic targeting were key factors in campaign success and led to greater return on investment.

YouAppi colleagues are very experienced in retargeting. For the first test week, only a little ad spend achieves satisfying results. The following ROI also met our expectations! ” – Anna Peng, Ulu Games, Overseas Marketing Manager


Surpass Expectations for Return on Investment 

YouAppi was able to deliver new and existing highly engaged players while exceeding the 7-day ROI goal by over 7%. We were able to maintain this over time, obtaining an average ROI of 4% over the initial goal, and reaching a peak ROI of just almost 10%. We not only achieved set KPIs, but also drove incremental value by optimizing over time.