The Luxury Closet Case Study

Achieving Growth for a Designer Boutique App in the Middle East

Company Overview

The Luxury Closet is an online boutique based in Dubai, and its vision is to build the largest online marketplace in the Middle East for buying and selling new and pre-loved luxury items. They accept and ship handbags, clothes, watches, and jewellery internationally. At any given time, the company has approximately 35,000 unique items in its online and app stores, including luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Cartier, and Rolex. YouAppi partnered with The Luxury Closet (TLC) to grow its business.


“Acquire the Right High-End Shopping Audience”

YouAppi focused on user acquisition to support TLC’s vision of becoming the leading online boutique for luxury wear in the Middle East. Our secondary goal was to push the buyers down the user journey funnel, increasing the number of transactions. We also wanted to keep the cost of acquisition low while scaling up new users. Meanwhile, we faced another challenge: the target market in the Middle East is relatively small and crowded especially in countries like the UAE.


“Leverage In-App Video Ads to Engage Customers”

YouAppi decided the best approach would be to leverage a combination of tools for in-app advertising, focusing on quality mobile videos to target granular user segments and optimizing for in-app events in real-time.

YouAppi’s own in-house Appi Studio assisted in the campaigns’ design work, creating dynamic and engaging videos. YouAppi achieved success by offering a specifically-tailored tool kit of creative in-app marketing solutions to reach the right users within the defined geos and acquire users in the high-end wear shopping segment.


“Impressive Scale in New Users and Increased High-Value Purchases”

User acquisition was a complete success, with 6,000 new installs over a 10-month timespan, exceeding the KPIs by more than 50% while meeting the Customer Acquisition Cost goal. 

“YouAppi was the best investment to increase our in-app sales. We were happy with this partnership from day one. YouAppi had the right strategy to drive our geo-targeted users to purchase,” said Matteo Toniato, Senior Performance Marketing Manager. “YouAppi’s AI-powered mobile marketing platform focuses on delivering results.” 

The total ROI generated by the campaigns was a whopping 1500%. YouAppi continues to drive high-end shoppers in the Middle East to TLC app.