Playing Solitaire with a Crowd: MobilityWare's Revenue Expansion with YouAppi

MobilityWare, an industry leader in mobile gaming, produces many iconic casual games like Solitaire, Jigsaw Puzzle, and Blackjack.

The type of games that continue to deliver a strong and growing population of gamers.

A female leaning demographic of mostly 25+ aged players means MobilityWare has a unique value proposition for advertisers, offering a curated path to some of the most influential consumers out there–women.


MobilityWare manages game inventory that draws in performance buyers, but they are always looking to diversify and expand their global demand partners. YouAppi offers a unique opportunity to partner directly with brands and grow demand European and APAC geographies. By combining these areas, the goal was to demonstrate the effectiveness of working with brands through MobilityWare games.


MobilityWare consistently delivers tens of millions of video ad impressions per day. With such a large audience, mixing in brand campaigns serve as a good way to prevent user ad fatigue from performance creatives. YouAppi recognized the need for expanded service offerings and increased transparency to attract brands. By highlighting the age and demographics of the audience for MobilityWare games, YouAppi helped diversify the ad experience and grow a series of strategic partnerships with premium brands. After all, women influence 85 percent of all consumer buying decisions, and most of the mobile games owned by MobilityWare lean toward a female audience.


Using YouAppi’s relationships with brands to pair with MobilityWare inventory opened up several benefits. Not only were brands able to reach a broader audience in the EU, but the eCPM delivery was also up in the fourth quarter of 2018 for that geo. Click-through rates also got a boost with an average rate of 6% for the campaigns. As the player experience is paramount, the ad quality is crucial.

For MobilityWare, YouAppi has been a transparent and highly successful partnership. The company notes that, “Our YouAppi contacts have been available to us 24/7, despite time zone differences. This is so rare and tough to find. The quick iterations between strategizing and executing various plans have led us to a tremendous Q4 with plenty of key learnings for 2019.” says Sunaina Chaudhary, Sr Product Manager, Monetization.

At YouAppi, we work with premium global brands to find the right fit for their needs. By developing partnerships on both sides of the marketing equation, we can offer our marketers direct access to the demographics with the most purchasing power, and our publishers access to the brands that need to expand their reach. Since brand awareness campaigns are particularly well received in-app, it’s a win for both sides.

Using exceptional analytics and providing a clear look at performance, we demonstrate the value in every campaign. For MobilityWare, our ability to deliver high-quality CPM demand customers in the EU was only part of the success story. Continuing to develop an inventory of brand ads and seasonal campaigns is the goal moving forward, giving users a more interesting and updated set of ad experiences while also providing brands a direct connect that doesn’t cost as much as many traditional advertising methods.