Jump Ramp Games Dives into Customer Retargeting

Jump Ramp Games is the owner of Lucktastic, a lifestyle and gaming app that introduces real winning with rewards that include gift cards and contest based live operations. As an advertising partner, Jump Ramp Games offers brands an opportunity to connect with potential customers in a fun and engaging way. This New York-based mobile tech company leverages a sweepstakes model to build user engagement. Their pioneering in-app streaming entertainment allows sweepstakes to translate into brand building activities.

Challenge: User Buy-in Slower than User Install

Onboarding new customers is a slower process for a platform that has already reached so many people. However, gaining lift through existing users is both possible and affordable as a way to improve revenue. It all comes down to presenting the user with the right offer at the right time.

Solution: Personalization Offers Better Results

For the retargeting campaign, we created ads and incentives that encouraged an action when opening the app. Many of these users were already regular players, but they had yet to take an offer from the offer wall. Offering more personalized options can give conversions a boost without much additional customer acquisition cost. With many free offers to sort through, it became a matter of pairing the right user with a relevant offer.

Innovation in Marketing

Jump Ramp saw a significant lift in the number of installs from existing users.

Alex Tarrand from Lucktastic, says,” YouAppi has been a dedicated partner who has worked to make new channel experimentation less risky, producing high rewards.”

Given the success of this latest campaign, Jump Ramp Games plans to continue working with us as a valued partner.