Spotlite Case Study

Behind the Spotlite

Launched in 2017, Spotlite is the first free, direct-to-fan singing app that caters to the artist. By offering increased exposure, the ability to build a fan base and the opportunity to win money, Spotlite has created something totally unique in today’s music space. In addition, users can post live or streamed performances, letting audiences go behind the scenes.

Challenge: Building a Bigger Audience

Spotlite offers talented amateurs a way to send out their songs for feedback from the public. But, the platform only adds value when it can also add a bigger audience. That means generating regular new downloads in their target demographic–teens. To create a platform that delivers value to both established and aspiring artists, Spotlite needs strong participation and increasing numbers of downloads.


YouAppi has run a targeted CPI campaign designed to keep customer acquisition costs low and adoption rates high. Accomplishing this was a multistage process driven by YouAppi’s own in-house creative team, Appi Studios. The expert designers started with the creation of high-quality videos and stills for advertising. Once these were in place, users were incentivized through the use of referral coins passed out through the app system.


“YouAppi has done an amazing job for us. From creating great videos and imaging to delivering what they promised, I absolutely recommend using YouAppi for your company’s needs.” expressed Gina Juliano, the VP of Marketing and Content for Spotlite Media.

Spotlite has been working with us for three months and their installs have increased daily by 30% through today. We’ve delivered on all campaign promises, hitting target CPI numbers at the agreed upon cost, and showing high 2nd-day retention. By delivering on the campaign’s KPIs, we have helped the Spotlite platform grow and gain additional name recognition.