Reservasi Case Study

YouAppi Helps Reservasi App Climb The App Store, the premier travel site for Indonesians both domestically and internationally. Reservasi offers hotel and airline booking options at well below the standard fare. Focusing specifically on Indonesia, the company offers local knowledge and expertise along with insights into the best ways to handle situations unique to local destinations.


Reservasi faced stiff competition from the larger travel brands that manage platforms offerings with similar services but with more marketing budget for building a reputable brand. In order to hit their goals, we had to think beyond basic marketing strategies. Reservasi needed a way to cut through the clutter and engage directly with their customers.


With one of the most impactful metrics that sets us apart from the competition, the ability to include uninstall rate tracking, we were able to agree on a purchase rate of 3% while ensuring an uninstall rate of less than 50%. With industry uninstall rates in mind, 50% might seem like an ambitious goal but with the right app, it is more than possible.

Delivering Results

Throughout this campaign, we delivered a 3.79% purchase rate and an uninstall rate of only 37.5%. YouAppi is proud to help Reservasi reach and exceed their mobile marketing goals and we look forward to working with them on future apps. Our metrics are the best Reservasi has seen, a sentiment that gives us positive feedback and excitement about our program.