Privalia Case Study

Shop Til You Drop

Privalia, a Spanish shopping app, delivers significant value to their users. Since being founded in 2006, this company has become the online outlet store for a number of major brands, delivering top quality items at extremely discount prices to consumers. Discounts are up to 70 percent off on name brands like Levis, Adidas, L’Oreal, Fred Perry, etc. Originally started as a Spanish company, the app is now available in Italy, Brazil, and Mexico, extending its reach to more than 400 million people.

Challenge: Driving More Transactions

The biggest challenge facing Privalia was getting consumer buy-in for that all-important first purchase. Privalia turned to YouAppi to produce shoppers and ultimately buyers at a cost we could both agree on. We mutually agreed on the cost per purchase as a KPI with a target number of $5 or less. Essentially, we wanted to keep the customer acquisition cost to below that target number.

Solution: Keep the Costs Down

We immediately implemented data tracking methods that allowed us to follow revenue streams and track the total cost of onboarding a new customer. Over the many months that we have been working with Privalia, they have achieved a steady flow of revenue from our targeted mobile marketing efforts. YouAppi doesn’t just deliver downloads, we deliver sales and revenue. We produce ads that convert shoppers into installers and installers into buyers. It’s just that simple.

Results: Solid Revenue at Reasonable Prices

As a result of better marketing measurement and a demonstrated ability to deliver a cost per purchase of less than $5, Prevalia expanded their budget with us, raising it by more than 40 percent the following month, enabling us to expand our efforts on their behalf. At YouAppi, we only consider a job successful when you do. We look to continue to strengthen the relationship with Privalia.