Orange Games Case Study

Orange Games is the New Black: Marketing for the Advertising and Distribution Network

Orange Games, an entertainment company with offices in six major cities and 400 employees worldwide. With eight published games on the market and several distribution networks already in place, Orange Games offers existing developers access to thousands of potential players and an ever-growing network of pay-to-play users.


Orange Games has two major areas of interest when discussing expansion: customer acquisition and retention.

Fraud was top on the lists of concerns because of how ubiquitous it has been in the industry the past few years. The goal to improve the percent of first-time deposits among non-paying users and reach an ROI of more than 60% for marketing.


Our fraud protection process ensured we did not need to worry about fraud issues during the campaign. To that end, we developed two campaigns. The first targeted current active and inactive users to convert them to paying players. The second focused solely on non-paying users with a direct focus on gaining that first deposit into the gaming economy. Daily optimization of sources and the use of deep links were all part of the campaign.


For our campaign that targeted all users, both active and inactive, we saw 125% ROI. New, first-time deposits hit 76% and total monthly purchases got a 39 percent boost over three months. All of this growth can be directly attributed to our YouAppi marketing campaign.

Andrea Fuertes, Orange Games’ Growth Marketer, notes, ” YouAppi has given me the transparency and safety that no other platform provides. With the help of dedicated account managers, we’re managing to increase our retention and acquisition, always improving our ROI, day by day.”