MakeMyTrip Case Study

With 25% market share in India, MakeMyTrip is not only the largest online travel agency OTA, but also recognized as one of India’s best travel planning platforms. In addition to a full-service online portal, the company operates through 65 retail stores across 50 cities in India, along with international offices in New York City and Sydney. As MakeMyTrip expands with numerous acquisitions and substantial investments, the India-based OTA is well positioned to be a major global company.


Since its app launch in 2012, MakeMyTrip has aimed to increase engagement on the mobile platform while driving volume. Therefore, MakeMyTrip wanted to target users that would not only download the app, but who would also complete transactions such as book flights, hotels, and holiday packages. With their KPI as a post-install event of mobile transaction, MakeMyTrip set a goal of 4% post-install rate and sought to team up with partners that could achieve this KPI at scale.


Due to YouAppi’s expertise in post-install optimization on the OneRun™ platform, MakeMyTrip partnered with our team to meet their post-install KPI goals. Leveraging proprietary predictive machine learning algorithms and premium inventory that had proven successful with similar apps, YouAppi targeted placements with high quality users and known travelers. With a team of experienced account and media mangers, the fully managed campaigns employed real-time optimization to ensure continuous positive performance against MakeMyTrip’s KPI.



YouAppi Maximizes Mobile Transactions for MakeMyTrip

Within one month of the campaign, YouAppi had delivered users that had met and exceeded MakeMyTrip’s KPI goal. After six months of partnership with YouAppi, MakeMyTrip campaigns continue to perform well at volumes exceeding as much as 5,000 daily installs, leading MakeMyTrip to increase spend efficiently with YouAppi.