Company Introduction

IM30 is a relatively young Chinese mobile gaming development and publishing company that has been targeting the global market. In their short time, they’ve grown incredibly fast, and have been listed as one of “China’s Top 10 New Prominent Gaming Companies” in 2017.

Many games produced by IM30 have a cult following, among which are Last Empire War Z, which has been recommended by App Store and Google Play Store multiple times. After launching Last Empire War Z,  their user base increased to more than 9 million players worldwide and has received Top 10 gaming awards in 102 countries.


IM30 globally launched their doomsday strategy game Last Shelter: Survival at the beginning of 2018 with the goal of acquiring new and high-quality users, while also increasing the ratio of paid users.  At the same time, IM30 wanted to gain new and high-quality users through new campaigns for their most infamous game Last Empire War Z as well.


IM30 worked with YouAppi for our selected high-quality media channels in targeted locations and continuously optimized them. At the same time, IM30 campaigns were supported by big data and machine learning techniques of the YouAppi 360 degree platform. Ads of IM30 can be matched to users tagged with mobile gaming profiles, and a high willingness to pay, so as to guarantee the performance of the ad. IM30 also used different kinds of ad formats such as rewarded video, interstitial video, and animation banner ads. With a variety of ad formats being used, users are left with a deep impression of IM30 games, which can result in an increase of downloads and payments.


Through YouAppi’s 360 Platform, the total installs of these two games increased from 1000 to nearly 5000 after one week of the campaign going live and helped these two games acquire over 20,000 high-quality new users. Last Shelter: Survival’s new users’ second-day retention rate stayed over 30%, and the paid users ratio increased dramatically with three day ROI at over 15%. Lastly, the new users acquired from rewarded video account for 65% of all new users and of high-quality with 20% CVR  and 45% retention rate.

Working with YouAppi was a huge surprise. Last Empire War Z is an old mobile game from our company but the new users acquired from YouAppi from Japan and Korea are of very high quality regardless of retention rate or ROI. For our new project, Last shelter: Survival, YouAppi not only brought us increased and more valuable new users but also guaranteed three day ROI KPI value.


— Isaac Chen  Overseas Advertisement Manager from IM30