Blue Bird

Hail or Book a Ride to the Top with Blue Bird Taxi

The first Blue Bird taxi opened its doors in 1965, and the company has stayed on the cutting edge of transport since. Now serving millions of passengers every month, Blue Bird moves everything from people to products with logistics services and shipping also a part of the corporate structure.

Challenge: It's Not Sharing if You Charge

Blue Bird Taxi had plenty of name recognition in Indonesia, but that didn’t make it easy to compete with new entries to the market like Grab and Uber. These ridesharing (online taxi) companies quickly established reputations for flexibility and ease of use. Dynamic digital taxi services pour a lot of resources into marketing and developing an app user base, but Blue Bird Taxi takes a more tactical approach to marketing.

Solution: Spend Smarter, Not More

After strategizing with Blue Bird’s Taxi, we knew the real trick was to point out the factors that make Blue Bird unique. Flat rates were one great differentiator for the company. The addition of car rental options and motorcycle taxis just means even more options for the morning commuter or visitor at the airport. These differentiators were already there, but sometimes the public needs a little reminder– and that’s exactly what we provide during this marketing campaign.


At one year in on our partnership with Blue Bird Taxi, we are proud to say we drive more value for this company than any other avenue, including social media platforms like Facebook. We have continually delivered below on the cost per order KPI with the average cost being 25% less than the agreed upon goal. The partnership is seeing bookings from one out of every four new users acquired in the campaign. By targeting customers geographically, we help companies find the low hanging fruit, which translates into the biggest profit margins.