Apus Case Study

APUS is one of the world’s fastest growing mobile companies

Their robust mobile user system has a reach of over 450 million users and offers a diverse selection of apps that provide unparalleled mobile experiences for Android users. Popular apps such as APUS Search generates 44 million searches per day, and their booster app garners three times more usage than other booster apps. With a commitment to quality and innovation, APUS ranks amongst the world’s top mobile app developers.


As APUS began scaling their monetization initiatives, they looked to collaborate exclusively with high-quality demand partners to fuel that growth. Being a world leading app developer, APUS looked to diversify their demand mix with global campaigns from world-class advertisers. APUS also wanted to work with a trusted and reliable partner that would consistently deliver high fill rates and eCPMs.


With a vast portfolio of direct premium demand clients, YouAppi was well-positioned to deliver the ideal demand mix for APUS. As YouAppi’s OneRun Growth Marketing Platform is designed specifically for world-leading advertisers, YouAppi was able to deliver high fill rates across a wide variety of global markets. In addition, YouAppi was also able to scale revenue for APUS globally due to the large budgets and competitive payouts that are set by YouAppi’s premium advertising partners.



APUS Scales Monetization Initiatives with YouAppi

After partnering with YouAppi, APUS performed inventory optimizations and began to re-allocate inventory from other partners to YouAppi. This resulted in a significant increase in the diversity of APUS’ demand partners and provided consistently high fill rates and eCPMs. With YouAppi, APUS was able to significantly scale their monetization efforts globally.