Akulaku Boosts Conversion
Rates and Sales with YouAppi

YouAppi helps Akulaku exceed the required registration rate by 75% and generate nearly 1 million views for its product promotion video through Facebook and Google Ads.

Company Overview

Akulaku is a multinational e-commerce platform that offers online services such as cardless installment shopping, cash loan, bill payment, mobile and game top products on installment and travel and leisure packages on installment. Akulaku is the largest online financing company in Southeast Asia and the first online mobile installment application with operations in the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia.


Akulaku has an expansive product inventory that they regularly run limited-time offers on. This means they constantly need to update their advertisements to reflect the top-performing products or seasonal offers. Akulaku needed a partner that could not only manage their ads on Facebook or Google but also update them in a timely manner to reflect ongoing promotions. By promoting a range of products and deals, Akulaku’s goal was focused on the post-install event of increasing the registration rate.  


As the chosen partner, we utilize our in house creative team, AppiStudios, to act quickly and ensure Akulaku’s top performing products and special promotions are advertised in a timely manner. This also combats ad fatigue by placing new ads in front of Akulaku’s ideal audience on Facebook and Google on a weekly basis. YouAppi also distributes Akulaku’s videos, increasing their visibility and resulting in nearly 1 million views for a product promotion video.  



Through becoming a trusted partner of Akulaku’s, YouAppi exceeded the required registration rate by 75% and increased Akulaku’s exposure to their ideal audience. Since the beginning of the partnership in April 2018, YouAppi and Akulaku have expanded their partnership to multiple countries in Southeast Asia. Through the continued success brought to each other, Akulaku and YouAppi plan to be lifelong partners.


“Partnering with YouAppi has been the right choice for us, says Sure Xu, Philippines Marketing Manager from Akulaku. By leveraging YouAppi’s great experience and knowledge in media buying and using their Creative Studio as well as performance data, we’ve substantially grown our business in the region without compromising on the user or ad quality.”